070: Tyler The Creator: Flower Boy Review, New Def Jam CEO, A$AP Twelvyy: Diamonds

In episode 70, we hit you again with that gritty boom bap flavor. We review the latest album from Tyler the Creator, Flower Boy.  We also discuss the new CEO over at Def Jam and the changes to come from that iconic label. Plus, we hit you with a track of the week from A$AP Twelvyy, Diamonds featuring A$AP Rocky. This and whole lot more on that #BoomBap. 

067: DJ Khaled: Grateful Album Review, 2 Live Crew Death, Rapsody: The Pain

In episode 67, we pay homage and respect to the untimely death of 2 Live Crew’s Fresh Kid Ice. We also discuss the latest track from Rapsody, “The Pain”, which continues in this awaken movement we are seeing from artists today. Plus, review the 10th studio album from DJ Khaled, “Grateful”. This and whole lot more on that #BoomBap. 

066: Jay-Z 4:44 Album Review

In episode 66, we take the time to break down the latest studio album from Jay-Z, “4:44”. We do a “full play” (from song to song) to bring out the different financial gems, introspective situations, and controversial topics that Jay has offered on this complete body of work. Plus we share some of our favorite tracks that we believe will become instant classics. This and whole lot more on that #BoomBap. 

065: Kool G Rap: Return of The Don, Father of Trap Music, An Ode to The Past

In episode 65, we welcome guest host Abner Brown (/AbnerBrown) to bring a true ode to the past era of hip-hop. We travel back in time to 8-tracks and breaks, which was truly the birthplace of this industry. We also discuss the controversial topic revolving around the father of trap musc; Tip, Rick Ross, or Young Jeezy. Plus, we review the latest album from the iconic Kool G Rap: Return of the Don. This and whole lot more on that #BoomBap. 

063: Hip-Hop Midterms 2017

In episode 63, we welcome guest host K. Stew (@TheLegendaryKStew) to dive deep into a new show concept for us; the hip-hop midterms 2017. We discuss the albums that have released during the first half of 2017; those that we love and those that we passed on. We also layout what we feel are the top 5 albums going into the 2nd half of 2017. This and whole lot more on that #BoomBap. 

061: Snoop Dogg: Neva Left Review, Kool G Rap w/ Freeway: Wise Guys, Pappoose & MMG

In episode 61, we take a listen to the latest joint from Kool G Rap featuring Fame from M.O.P. and Freeway, “Wise Guys”. We also discuss the latest in hip-hop news including Pappoose signing over at MMG and T.I. + Kevin Hart working on a Tv show together. Plus, we review the latest album from Snoop Dogg: Neva Left. This and more on that #BoomBap. 

060: Nas without Illmatic, Originals & Sample-Created Tracks

In episode 60, we take a listen to some cult classics and the sampled songs that these gems were derived from. We also pose a very thought-provoking question to our Facebook Live audience; where would Nas be if not for creating Illmatic?  This and more on that #BoomBap. 

055: The Kendrick Lamar Show

In episode 55, we welcome back guest host Grandfather Cloc (@QuantumLeap_ClocRadio) to dive deep into the discussion surrounding Kendrick Lamar and whether or not he deserves a spot in your Top 5. We look at his discography and compare it to the greats like Rakim, Nas, Jay-Z and others. We also breakdown the last decade of MCs and compare his elevation amongst his peers. This and more on that #BoomBap.