060: The Man Show: The State of the Black Man in Medicine

In episode 60, we welcome Dr. Bonny Ogar (@bonjuan_md) and Dr. Benedict Ifedi (@imbenofficial) to discuss black males in medicine on this week’s Docs! We dive into what are the benefits and challenges of being a black male in the medical industry. We also breakdown why is there a  decline in black male doctors? Plus, we play a round of name that doctor. All this and more on #Docs!

059: Anecdotes and Antidotes with Dr. Stone

In episode 59, we welcome Dr. Mary Stone (@Drmarystonemd) to discuss emergency medicine on this week’s Docs! We breakdown what is a real emergency versus a perceived emergency. We also dive into lessons she has learned in the ER. Plus, we give tips on how to survive your visits to the ER. All this and more on #Docs!

058: Battle of the Sexes Live

In episode 58, we bring you another live show on this week’s Docs! We test our panel’s knowledge about all things sex in a game of battle of the sexes. We also  breakdown the perceptions and realities of sex. Plus, we dive into the age old question: Is sex good for your health? All this and more on #Docs!

057: Live Talk with Teens

In episode 57, we have a  live audience of teenagers on this week’s Docs! We breakdown what are some issues teens are facing in today’s society.. We also dive into what ideas teenagers have to handle issues they are faced with. Plus, we take questions from the audience.  All this and more on #Docs!

056: Ride Along with Dr. Brown

In episode 56, we welcome Dr. Dawn Brown (@drdawnpsychmd) to our ride along  to discuss mental health on Docs! We dive into music artist that suffer from mental illness. We also breakdown how mental illness affects the African American community. Plus, we talk about ways to improve your mental health. All this and more on #Docs!

055: Summer Safety with Dr. Agwu

In episode 55, we welcome Dr. Vanessa Agwu (@swagwu) to discuss her journey into pediatrics on Docs! We also breakdown safety tips for surviving the summer months. Plus, we dive into how important it is to be aware of greenhouse effects in vehicles.  All this and more on #Docs!

054: The Super Hero Stigma with Dr. Warfield

In episode 54, we welcome Dr. Sharita Warfield (DrSharitaMD) to discuss emergency medicine and diabetic health on Docs! We also dive into  the super hero stigma black women encounter and how important it is to take time for yourself. Plus, we breakdown what is the doctor’s role in politics. All this and more on #Docs!

052: Pediatrics with Dr. Hollier

In episode 52, we welcome Dr. Eboni Hollier (@DrEboniPEDS) to discuss pediatrics on Docs!. We dive into the 5 Ps of potty training. We also breakdown tips for public discipline. Plus,  we talk about what to do with a picky eater. All this and more on #Docs!

051: New Host Introductions

In episode 51, we welcome our new hosts Dr. Keisha Davis (keishadavis@aol.com), Dr.  Cwanza Pinckney (@dr_cwanzamd) and Uzo Osuagwu (@uzo_md) to Docs! We first breakdown their speciatly in Medicine. We also dive into what happened on this day in medicine. Plus, we discuss the fitness tip of  the day. All this and more on #Docs!

048: All About Oral Cancer with Dr. Andre Jordan

In episode 48, we welcome Dr. Andre Jordan (@DreDDs1911) to discuss oral cancer on the Doc’s. We dive into his journey into dentistry. We also breakdown how to spot oral cancer. Plus, we dive into why oral care is so important to prevent cancer.. All of this and more on #Docs!

047:Music as Medicine

In episode 47, we welcome Dr. Cwanza Pinckney (@dr_cwanzamd) to another  amazing show on the Docs! We dive into her inspiration for her book Music and Medicine. We also breakdown the similarities of  being a doctor and a DJ. Plus, we discuss how music has been recognized as an effective form of therapy. All of this and more on #Docs!

046: The World of Interventional Pain Medicine with Dr. Uzo

In episode 46, we welcome Dr. Uzo Osuagwu (@uzo_md) to discuss anesthesiology and interventional pain medicine on the Docs! We dive into why anesthesiologists are so important to the medical profession. We also talk about his journey into becoming a doctor  and why he chose interventional pain medicine. Plus, we breakdown challenges faced being an African American male in the medical field. All of this and more on #Docs!

045: Get Introduced to Pathology with Dr. Keisha Davis

In episode 45,  we welcome Dr. Keisha Davis (keishadavis@aol.com) to talk about pathology on the Doc! We discuss what is pathology and her journey into the field. We also breakdown what challenges there are in being an African American woman in the medical field.  Plus, we dive into the investigation into Galveston’s health facilities that potentially spreaded hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus and HIV to patients. All of this and more on #Docs!

043: Women’s History in Medicine, Crystal Emery’s Documentary, Dr. Alexa Candy

In episode 43,  we give you another healthy dose of content  on the Doc! We dive into Women's journey through the history of medicine. We also discuss Dr. Alexa Candy, the first black neurosurgeon in the US. We also  breakdown Crystal Emery’s documentary: Changing the Face of Medicine. Plus, we continue the lineage discussing women’s achievements of today and beyond.  All of this and more on #Docs!

042: Medicine Myth Busting

In episode 42, we continue to provide you great content that circulates around the Docs atmosphere. We dive deep into the idea of medical myth busting to ensure you all have the truth behind medical facts and rumours.  All of this and more on #Docs!

041: Infusion Pharmacy and The future of medicine

In episode 41, we welcome guest hosts Drs Terence and Eardie Houston of Infusion Pharmacy (www.aoishouston.com) to discuss their practice growth and the future of medicine. We dive into their creation of Alpha and Omega Infusion and what services they are offering to the community. We also breakdown some of the future trends we are seeing in medicine that is geared for social benefit.  All of this and more on #Docs!