030: The Many Traits of Domestic Violence

In episode 30, we welcome guest host Dr. Obari Cartman (https://www.drobaricartman.com/) to discuss the many traits and characteristics of domestic violence. We breakdown the cultural influences that fuel domestic violence as well as the true need people have to be empowered over someone else. We also give startling statistics on the amount of domestic violence occurrences here in the United State. Plus, we discuss domestic violence from the mindset of the offenders themselves. All of this and more on #Docs!

029: Emergency Medicine Adventures: The ER, Illnesses, and Beyond

In episode 29, we welcome guest host Dr. Nia Johnson (johnsonnia3@gmail.com), emergency room physician, to discuss her adventures in emergency medicine. We take a look at some of the unfortunate situations that occur in the ER, from incorrect plastic surgery to catastrophic events. We also look at common emergency illnesses including croup, the flu, as well as vaccinations. Plus, we give helpful insight on performing the Heimlich maneuver in the event someone is choking. All of this and more on #Docs!

028: Recreational Drugs in Pop Culture

In episode 28, we welcome guest host Dr. Shenita Outland (DrOutland06@gmail.com) to discuss the growing trend of recreational drugs in pop culture. We take a look at some of the types of drugs that are currently trending including Molly, Ecstasy, and prescription drugs. We also breakdown the side effects of these drugs and the devastating harm that they can cause. Plus, Dr. Outland sheds light on some backend policies and procedures that are in place to mitigate this growing epidemic. All of this and more on #Docs!

027: Early Planning for In-Home Care and Assisted Living

In episode 27, we welcome guest host Faith Hawkins, RN of Family Tree In Home Care (www.familytreeinhomecare.com) to discuss the challenges and processes for in-home care and assisted living. We discuss some of the best strategies in planning for care as a senior and when to start the conversations. We also breakdown some of the different types of care available and their associated costs. Plus, we get insight into ways to make the transition to assisted living and in-home care more manageable for everyone.  All of this and more on #Docs!

026: Empowering Patients and Knowing Your Rights

In episode 26, we welcome guest host D’Anna Holmes of Parents of Patients (www.parentsofpatients.com) to discuss the empowerment of patients and understanding the rights you have. We talk about the process of selecting a doctor for services and understanding their primary role of service. We also dive deep into the personal experiences that the host and guest have had on each side of the spectrum.  All of this and more on #Docs!

025: Dealing with Depression After Natural Disasters

In episode 25, we discuss the basic makeup and onslaught of depression; especially with people across the US losing so much due to the recent wake of natural disasters. We dive deep into the causes of depression as well as some of the common symptoms. We also breakdown the vast types of depression that people suffer from. Plus, we look at some of the remedies that are suggested to alleviate this mental illness.    All of this and more on #Docs! 

024: Racism and Adversity as African American Physicians

In episode 24, we discuss racism and adversity on American soil as an African American physicians. We give history of the first male and female African American physicians in America and the impact that affirmative action had in the continued expansion of physicians of color. Plus, the hosts give their personal experiences of racism in their own practices.  All of this and more on #Docs! 

023: Lean: It's Compound, Popularity, and Addiction

In episode 23, we welcome guest host Dr. Cwanza Pinckney (Facebook: /Dr. Cwanza MD) to discuss the expensive craze surrounding the drug known as lean. We take a look at its chemical compound and what drugs constitute the creation of lean. We also talk about the use and popularity of the drug in celebrities and everyday people. Plus, we explain the troubling addiction to lean and consequences from it. All of this and more on #Docs! 

022: Identifying Anxiety and Its Triggers In Teens

In episode 22, we welcome guest host Alaina Lopez (alaina@heart2heartservices.org) to discuss anxiety in teens. We take a look at 13 Reasons Why series on Netflix and its portrayal of social issues. We also look at the triggers that cause teens to have anxiety and how friends can play a role in the outcome. Plus, we even look at celebrity adults fighting with the same issues in social settings. All of this and more on #Docs! 

021: What The Health Review: The Correlation Between Food And Diseases

In episode 21, we welcome guest host Garry Lee (@GHawkinz) to discuss and review the latest documentary on health and wellness titled, “What The Health”. We breakdown the notion and correlation between meat and cardiac disease and cancer. We also discuss the alleged reasons for diabetes that do not involve sugar as the cause. Plus, we even share Garry’s own journey into a part-time vegetarian’s world. All of this and more on #Docs! 

019: Colorism In America, Preparing for the Summer Heat, The Fresh Face Movement

In episode 19, we discuss the still-apparent colorism in America as Kodak Black decides to disgrace his own skin tone. We also dive deep into tips and methods for preparing for the summer heat. Plus, we take a moment to pay respects to the new fresh face movement that’s arising from the years-long efforts of Alicia Keys.  All of this and more on #Docs! 

018: The Truths Surrounding Sickle Cell Disease

In episode 18, we welcome guest host Tonya Prince of the Sickle Cell Association of Houston  (www.sicklecellhouston.org) to discuss the truths surrounding Sickle Cell Disease. We dive into the cause of the disease and how it affects the body and someone’s livelihood. We also breakdown treatments that help reduce crisis situations that can become fatal. Plus, we pay homage to Prodigy and his untimely death due to Sickle Cell Disease.  All of this and more on #Docs! 

017: HIV in the USA

In episode 17,  we welcome back guest host Dr. Teriya Richmond ((713) 453-6962) to discuss the growing concern of HIV in the USA. We look at the startling statistics that show an increase of cases in the African American communities as well as some of the myths that might be fueling this surge. Plus, we talk about key ways to prevent the disease including a new treatment called PRep.  All of this and more on #Docs! 

016: Diabetes - The Causes, Consequences, & Care

In episode 16, dive deep into the causes, consequences, and required care of diabetes. We look at why certain demographics contract diabetes as well of influences in their environment. We also look at the short and long term effects of diabetes and how your life is affected. Plus, we discuss the required care to aid someone who has contracted this deadly disease. All of this and more on #Docs! 

015: Teen Pregnancy & Its Impact

In episode 15, we welcome Dr. Cherie Hill, MD (@CherieCHillMD) to discuss teen pregnancy and its impact on the mother and community. We take a look at different statistics of the growing pregnancy rate and some of the outcomes from the lack of information. We also discuss contraception and other ways to remedy this growing situation. All of this and more on #Docs! 

014: The Importance of Women’s Health

In episode 14, we welcome Dr. Teriya Richmond (Dr. Teriya Richmond MD MPH PLLC) to inform the viewers of the importance of women’s health. We discuss the frequency of well women’s exams and the processes that occur. We look at HPV and cervical cancer and some of the unknown causes of it. Plus, we give you key steps on performing your own breast exam screenings. All of this and more on #Docs! 

013: Past, Present, and Future of Oral Sex & its Consequences

In episode 13, we welcome Dr. Ron Evans (https://www.prodenturesbydrevans.com/) to discuss the past, present, and future of oral sex and the consequences of it. We take a look at some of the myths and truths about sex and oral sex as a whole that may shock you. We also look at some of the well known STDs as well as non-popular diseases that occur as a result of oral sex. Plus we give preventative tips and things to look for in order to aid in staying clean and STD-free. All of this and more on #Docs! 

012: Mental Health Awareness, Repeal of Obamacare, UT Stabbing

In episode 12, we welcome Dr. Angela Jones (ajones@heritagebehavioral.com) and Devonya Batiste (/DvBatiste) to discuss mental health awareness. We dive deep into Devonya’s story of overcoming depression and how far it took her. We also breakdown some of the characteristics of mental illness that Dr. Jones has worked through. Plus, with the repeal of Obamacare looming, we talk about those that will be affected.  All of this and more on #Docs! 

011: Body Sculpting Trends, The World of Dermatology

In episode 11, we welcome Dr. Milton R. Moore Jr. (/Milton.R.Moore) to discuss body sculpting trends and techniques. We also look at micro blading and other procedures that affect your facial area. Plus, we dive into the impact on people of color with certain dermatology techniques.  All of this and more on #Docs!