019: 5 Steps to Being A Gentleman, Jackets 101, Brogues vs Oxfords

In episode 19, we welcome guest host Andre Dorian (@BlackPrestige) to discuss men’s style and fashion of today. We dive deep into the 5 steps every man should know on being a Gentlemen. We also go into a jackets 101 segment to give you the true in’s and out’s of men’s outerwear. Plus, we give valuable insight on the differences between brogues and oxfords.  All of this and more on #G4Gents!  

014: Rise of Athleisure, Perfect Date Night Fit, How to Pursue Your Mate

In episode 14, we continue to press the envelope of culture and style for men. Our resident guest host Brandon Montgomery (@RealBMont) and Kalan Laws discuss the rise of “athleisure” as men are now wearing athletic wear in business environments. We also talk about the perfect outfit for a date night. Plus, we give you those missing gentlemen-based tips to pursue the perfect mate.  All of this and more on #G4Gents!  

013: Macy’s Shop for a Cause, The Future of Tailored Clothes, Top Tie Tips

In episode 13, we welcome back guest host Brandon Montgomery (@RealBMont) to continue the conversation surrounding men’s fashion and culture. We discuss Macy’s Shop for a Cause that benefits back to the March of Dimes. We also breakdown the future of having clothes customized and altered by tailors. Plus, we drop some of the best tie tips to help take the renaissance man to the next level.  All of this and more on #G4Gents!  

012: Ways To Break Style, Obama Wears The Same Suit, Thrifting 101

In episode 12, we welcome back guest host Brandon Montgomery (@RealBMont) to continue the conversation surrounding men’s fashion and culture. We discuss tips on how to break the style traditions. We also speak on President Obama wearing the same tuxedo during his whole White House tenure. Plus, thrifting can be a truly powerful thing and we show you how.  All of this and more on #G4Gents!  

011: Michael Kors Buys Jimmy Choo, Fragrances 101, How to Wear Accessories

In episode 11, we welcome guest host Brandon Montgomery (@RealBMont) to dive deep into the world surrounding men’s fashion. We discuss Michael Kors 1.2B acquisition of Jimmy Choo. We also give you the fundamentals of how fragrances function; top notes, middle notes, and base notes. Plus, we give great tips and insights on how to properly wear accessories.  All of this and more on #G4Gents!  

009: NY Fashion Week, Death to Trends, Proper Shave Techniques

In episode 9, we discuss the creation  and continuation of the New York Fashion Week. We also dive into the methodology behind the death of trends and a move toward individualism in style. Plus, we give the proper shaving techniques to keep your skin healthy and smooth.  All of this and more on #G4Gents!  

007: Men's Foot Care, Sandals 101, Summer Vibes

In episode 7, we dive deep into men’s style, fashion, and more here on G is for Gentlemen. We start by discussing how to properly care for your feet and surrounding areas. We also discuss the sandal selections and correct choices for the season. Plus, we talk about the summer vibes including great cologne scents, music, and brands to look out for. All of this and more on #G4Gents!  

006: Milan Fashion Week, Father’s Day Recap, Beard and Skin Care

In episode 6, we welcome Garry Lee (@GHawkinz) to speak on some of the latest news in the world of men’s fashion. We discuss Milan’s Fashion Week and some of the hot trends to come from it. We also do a Father’s Day recap and breakdown core principles of being a father. Plus, we drop healthy gems on handling your skin and managing a beard. All of this and more on #G4Gents!  

005: Isaac & Moore, Father's Day Etiquette, High Quality Timepieces

In episode 5, we welcome guest host Isaac Moore (@IsaacandMoore) to discuss gentlemen’s fashion, style, and trends within his brand, Isaac & Moore. We also take a look at some fashion etiquette and gift ideas for the upcoming Father’s Day. Plus, a good high quality timepiece will never let you down. All of this and more on #G4Gents!  

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004: History of Dapper Dan, Shoes 101, Brands to Watch For

In episode 4, we dive deep into fashion and style for men! We discuss the history of Dapper Dan and what he brought to the fashion game. We breakdown shoe construction, choices, and the do’s & don’ts. Plus, we give you this week’s brands to watch out for.    All of this and more on #G4Gents!