030: Donations from Diddy, 200 Years of Brooks Brothers, Balenciaga x Mr. Porter

In episode 30, we welcome guest host Dame Thad (@DameThad) to discuss his walk as a gentlemen and other topics here on G is for Gentlemen. We take a look at the donations made by P. Diddy that is setting waves. We also breakdown the last 200 years of the prestigious Brooks Brothers. Plus, Balenciaga has a collaboration coming soon with Mr. Porter. All of this and more on #G4Gents!

027: Definition of a Gentlemen, 5 Ways to Wear a Tuxedo, 40 Years of Armani

In episode 27, we welcome back host Regis Devonish (@modrenaissance) and Robert Gilmore Jr. (@itsreallyrusty) to dive into men's fashion, culture, and style. We begin with the definition of a gentleman and what that means to the culture today. We also give you a detailed look at black men in the media today. Plus, we discuss the 40 year span of the Armani empire.   All of this and more on #G4Gents!

026: Art Basel, Style and Spirituality, Holiday Party Etiquette

In episode 26, we welcome guest host Kels Johnson (@thekelsjohnson) to dive into the world of art, fashion, and culture here on G is for Gentlemen. We discuss Art Basel that occured in Miami Beach with some of the premiere galleries to be seen in the country. We also get an understanding of the cross-section of style and spirituality and what can manifest from it. Plus, we give you the rundown on holiday party etiquette. All of this and more on #G4Gents!

024: Live at Saks 5th Avenue: 7 Holiday Habits, Winter Date Ideas, Gentlemanly Gift Giving

In episode 24, we broadcast live from Saks 5th Avenue in the Houston, Texas Galleria. We discuss the history of Saks and it’s growing number of retail stores around the world. We also dive into 7 haute holiday habits for the season. We give some great winter-time date ideas for you and your significant other. Plus, there are excellent gentlemanly gifts out there that will keep a smile on any man’s face. All of this and more on #G4Gents!

023: Things Stylish Gents Should Never Do, Mr. Porter, Sport Coats vs Blazers

In episode 23, we jump back into this week’s mission to uplift the G in Gentlemen. We start by going over a simple but important list of things to never do as a gentlemen. We also breakdown a newly launched brand under a staple name, Mr. Porter. Plus, we give you the skinny on the differences between a sport coat and a blazer.  All of this and more on #G4Gents!  

022: Turtleneck Season, The Art of The Staycation, Gentlemanly Sports

In episode 22, we welcome guest host Michael Greathouse (@GreathouseLive) to dive into the world of gentlemen culture. We take a look at the perfect way to usher in turtleneck season and some of the variations of style. We also discuss the art of a perfect staycation. Plus, we breakdown different sports that every gentleman should know.  All of this and more on #G4Gents!  

020: Ironing vs Dry-Cleaning, Grooming Habits Women Hate, Beard Talk 101

In episode 20, we dive back into the world of everything that solidifies the G being for Gentlemen. We discuss the difference in ironing your outfits and clothing vs sending them to the cleaners. We also discuss grooming habits that women truly hate. Plus, we give a little bead talk “101”. All of this and more on #G4Gents!  

019: 5 Steps to Being A Gentleman, Jackets 101, Brogues vs Oxfords

In episode 19, we welcome guest host Andre Dorian (@BlackPrestige) to discuss men’s style and fashion of today. We dive deep into the 5 steps every man should know on being a Gentlemen. We also go into a jackets 101 segment to give you the true in’s and out’s of men’s outerwear. Plus, we give valuable insight on the differences between brogues and oxfords.  All of this and more on #G4Gents!  

014: Rise of Athleisure, Perfect Date Night Fit, How to Pursue Your Mate

In episode 14, we continue to press the envelope of culture and style for men. Our resident guest host Brandon Montgomery (@RealBMont) and Kalan Laws discuss the rise of “athleisure” as men are now wearing athletic wear in business environments. We also talk about the perfect outfit for a date night. Plus, we give you those missing gentlemen-based tips to pursue the perfect mate.  All of this and more on #G4Gents!