Dr. Ashandra Batiste


Dr. Ashandra Batiste is a feisty and fun dentist who thoroughly loves her career. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin before attending Howard University College of Dentistry, and today owns her own dental practice, Elite Dental Wellness.
Married to a medical device sales representative, Richard and Ashandra lead very busy lives. The two are parents to three-year-old Logan, and  Ashandra's adorable daughter Avery, eleven, from her previous marriage.
Ashandra is also a member of the Houston Area Urban League for Young Professionals, the Richard E. Wainerdi Wellness Institute, the American Dental Association and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. 
When she's not serving on the PTO at her daughter's school or sitting on dental committees, this vivacious dentist enjoys working out, reading and painting the town red. Whether it's traveling , or upgrading her office decor, nothing Ashandra does is average; she knows how to enjoy life's luxuries and look fabulous while doing it.


Social Media:

Instagram: @HotDocDotCom

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Dr. Cwanza


Dr Cwanza is a nationally recognized board-certified Emergency Physician, self-taught DJ, best selling author, speaker, medical consultant, and cognitive performance coach. Dr Cwanza is the Medical Director for CHI St. Luke’s Sugarland Hospital and Baylor St. Luke’s Community Emergency Center- Pearland. Outside of medicine, Dr Cwanza has turned her deep passion for music and meditation into a business. Dr Cwanza is the owner of Code Blue Productions which is a full scale mobile DJ and music production business specializing in private and corporate events. You can find Dr Cwanza spinning on those one’s and two’s as DJ DR Code Blue, “The DJ Dr”

Social Media:

 Instagram: @Dr_CwanzaMD


Garry Lee


Garry Lee is a native Houstonian that has always had the passion for the latest in technology, a desire to educate, and to experience new sites, sounds, and wonders.

Over the last two decades, Garry has spent time focusing his talents in technology with the creation of Vortex Computer Systems, LLC. The primary focus of the business has been to deliver efficient technology systems to small and medium sized businesses. As such, new relationships and partnerships have been built that have lead to a growth in skill set, morals, and character.

Along the way, Garry has continued to learn more about the world around him through education of the past and present. This lead him to devote time and resources to build The Sphere Podcast Network in hopes of changing the narrative surrounding the African American culture. As growth continued to happen, a decision was made to expand into the podcasting world further by building The Sphere Podcast Studios in Houston, TX. There, along with over 30 hosts, he has successfully delivered more than 1000 episodes of insightful and valuable content to empower people's lives.

When podcasting and information technology are at bay, Garry prefers to travel the world in hopes of broadening his perspectives and rediscovering himself through an ever-changing lens.

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Facebook: /GHawkinz

Twitter: @GHawkinz 

Instragram: @GHawkinz

Google+: GHawkinz


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Howard Jerome


One of the earliest movies that shaped Jerome's tastes in film would have to be Fight Club. The psychological game that the movie plays on the viewer- a main character with no name & quick flashes of Tyler Durden foreshadowing the narrator's transition to his alter ego- caused him to break away from mold of main stream summer action flicks. Movies such as Clockwork Orange and Donnie Darko suddenly became more appealing with greater appreciation for character and plot development. Content rich movies took Jerome from a glazed eyed, barely-there-viewer, to an actively engaged analyst and critic. This love for character development and plot spilled over to television mysteries and drama, and even to books.


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Instagram: @Howard_Jerome


Jarvis Newsom


The first movie that really made Jarvis pay attention to the the art of film was The Usual Suspects. Once he reached the credits of the movie, the rewind button was pressed and it was viewed two more times consecutively. Aspects and values were analyzed; such as the script, camera angles, and cuts. He realized that these are the things that made a good story great. The show The Wire did much of the same for him that The Usual Suspects did.  Those two entries of visual storytelling inspired a love and passion for the art. Films such as Silence of the Lambs, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Inception, and more added to the passion. Even lighter fare such as RocknRolla (the boom of the comic book movie industry) and Office Space help show the escape possible with film. Now we're in the age where the tv drama is the top value of the small screen. Quality shows like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Power, Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, and more push what we've known to come from the television drama. It can be a great and sometimes frustrating time to be a fan.

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Twitter: @ZiggyNumbNuts

Instagram: @ZiggyNumbNuts


Kalan Laws


Kalan Laws, also known as Señor Guapo, is setting both coasts on fire as a noted lecturer, public speaker, entrepreneur, and one of the foremost developmental minds of our generation. By day he is a political science professor who has earned the endorsement of his colleagues and is beloved by his students. But it is doesn’t stop there! Kalan has expanded his ever-evolving portfolio to extend into the reaches of fashion. He is an aspiring designer, burgeoning stylist, and manages his own men’s style and fashion blog. As a successful model who has commanded the runways of New York Fashion Week, and now designer, Kalan has been a guest featured content contributor to various online fashion and style publications and has been the men’s style editor for an online magazine. Kalan has also built a strong book of clients of singers, filmmakers, & professional athletes, that he styles. Although Kalan holds a distinguished spot in the elite world of men’s fashion, along the way, he has merged his love for arts and education with a unique flare. As an academician, Kalan is a man with passion for international development and educational philanthropy. Kalan is a founding member of The Houston Village Foundation (a mentoring organization for under-served youth) and, he is a co-host for the public affairs radio show "Impact Houston Live" on KTSU FM 90.9 FM providing a platform for differing perspectives and a refreshing outlook on metropolitan development, safety and engagement, financial management, etc. With his mixture of social commentary in the political sciences, as well as his pulse on pop culture, Kalan has been able to provide value in integrating community leadership with a voice that motivates the minds of millennials. With such a huge piece of the pie, now Kalan Laws (Señor Guapo), is bringing his unique fashion sense, world-class style savvy, and educational prowess to Sphere TV. It is his desire to provide you with relevant content that will artistically inspire and stimulate social consciousness. Kalan believes in balance, as is shown by his love for fashion, fitness, and fine arts! Moreover, he is inextricably connected to his faith. Kalan’s greatest accomplishments began in 2009, the day that his best-friend became his wife and, in 2015, when they began growing their family. They are his reasons...


Social Media:

Instagram: @SenorGuapo713

Twitter: @SenorGuapo713

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Kareem Shon


Kareem Shon

Raised on Long Island in New York

First fell in love with Hip Hop while listening to DJ Red Alert on 98.7 Kiss FM late on the radio.

He would soon discover Video Music Box with VJ Ralph McDaniels where the songs he heard would come to life through music videos

"I would hear Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, KRS-1, LL Cool J, Salt & Pepa, Master Ace, and Public Enemy on the radio, and then I would get to see them on tv........that was exciting to me. And with every new song, we got a new video and it seemed like they were always fly and strong. I wanted to be that! I still want that four finger LL ring lol"

Yo MTV Raps would change his life because of the hosts Dr. Dre and Ed Lover.

"That show had everything I needed in one shot! A DJ from Long Island, a dope co host, not only videos, but rappers would come through too"

One night he would accidentally find The Strentch & Bobbito underground radio show.

"That was the third strike right there! They were different and had more freedom to be and say what they wanted. Plus they would bring dope emcees up to freestyle all the time.... their show was just pure Hip Hop"

By day Kareem Shon is the Co Founder of True Digital Media Consulting a full service digital marketing agency in Houston, TX.

"We help small businesses to market their company and grow their online presence through website development, SEO, social media, video and other services. With clients ranging from podcasts to attorneys, as well as partnerships with public relations firms, we maintain relationships locally and nationally."

While on vacation with his wife, he would get a call from Garry Lee Hawkinz offering him the opportunity to achieve his childhood dream. As a 1/3rd of That BoomBAP, Kareem Shon brings years of his experience of living the culture. Growing up students in his school would freestyle and make beats by banging on the lunch tables and beat boxing. Today he sits behind a microphone, lights, and cameras every week, while informing the world of today's greatest musical talents and achievements.

Kareem Shon is a loving husband, father, business owner, traveler, and hip hop head to his core.


- God

- DJ Red Alert

- VJ Ralph McDaniels

- Ed Lover / Dr. Dre

- Marley Marl / Pete Rock

- DJ Kid Capri

- Russell Simons / Rick Rubin

- Sean Combs

- Christopher Wallace

- Sean Carter

- Damon Dash

- Kareem Burke

- Andre Young / Suge Knight

- Andre Young / Jimmy Ivine

- Percy Miller

- James Prince

- Peanut Butter Wolf

- Albert Johnson

- Angie Martinez

- Madd Hatta

- DJ Funk Master Flex

- DJ Clue

- DJ Ron G

- DJ Tony Touch

- DJ Jazzy Jeff

- Rock Steady Crew

- Barry Gordy

- Quincy Jones

- Queen Latifah

- Will Smith

- Nasir Jones

- Karl Kani

- Robert Diggs

- Dennis Cole

Social Media:

Twitter: @ReemBoomBap

Instagram: @kareem.shon


Keisha Davis M.D.

Keisha Davis M.D. is a board certified AP/CP pathologist and cytopathologist with the American Board of Pathology.  Dr. Davis completed her medical and pathology residency training at the University of Kansas Medical Center in 2009.  She then completed a cytopathology fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX. 

As an unconvential pathologist, Dr.  Davis has set herself as an outgoing diagnostician who wants both patients and clinicians to understand more about the practice of pathology and how diseases are diagnosed.  Dr. Davis has been practicing pathology with Baylor College of Medicine and medical directorship of the Houston center of Octapharma Plasma. 

Dr.Davis’  free time is as busy as her day career as she teaches West African and Caribbean dance and fitness and enjoys spending time with her family. 

As a podcaster with Docs on The Sphere Podcast Network, Dr. Davis hopes to inspire others to follow their passions and dreams while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.





Meet Kenvi, she received a degree in Exercise Science and works in the finance industry in Houston, TX. In addition to her full time job, Kenvi is a social media influencer and freelance makeup artist. She is also the curator of naturallykenvi.com, her website is an extension of her growing social media presence, as well as an outlet to express herself. The goal of Kenvi’s platform is to uplift and inspire women.  

Social media:

Instagram: @naturallykenvi



Khaliah Guillory


Khaliah’s daily motivation is to “Inspire one person to be BIG in the world.”  She is on a quest to ultimately ignite a global transformation.  Imagine a world filled with people who operate outside of having fear and have the gall to take steps towards pursuing purpose and passion in their life.  Don’t you get goose bumps just thinking about how powerful a world like that could be?

The journey to Entrepreneurship started with a whisper following one of her talks from a senior executive at the Fortune 500 company that Khaliah works for.  The executive leaned in and said, “I have no idea why we pay motivational speakers thousands of dollars to keynote when we have you on payroll.”  When Khaliah leaned back she thought, “You shole right, lady!” and in that moment KOG & Company was born.  KOG & Company’s platform enables Khaliah to share her journey through transformational talks that include story-telling.  As Khaliah navigated small business start-up, she quickly identified a grave need to create a support community for professionals with a passion for their side hustle AKA Corpreneurs.  Hence, Mogul in Training was formed to provide an online franchise-in-a-box blueprint that will provide accountability, mastermind sessions and revolutionize the way we network and embrace "networthing".


Social Media:

Facebook: /KOGSpeaks

Instagram: @KOGSpeaks



Kira Laws


Kira Laws, is a native New Yorker, born in the ‘Big Apple,’ but raised primarily in the “H” – H-town, Texas to be exact. Kira, pronounced “kee +ra” (translated means ‘The Light or Sun’) had an adventurous upbringing being reared between both the east and third coast. Gathering life lessons, and varying perspectives between the two, she was known by most as a smart and wise young woman with a bright future. Very ambitious and a goal seeker, Kira pursued education with excellence and fast tracked her way through her studies to becoming one of the youngest attorney’s in the state of Texas at the time of her swearing-in. Deciding to take a hiatus from law, this former model & musician returned to her roots, retracing her steps to find a niche that was specifically designed for her. Because of her love for others, she converged into a new but familiar arena, Life Imaging. Kira’s primary focus is to not only build people and businesses, but redefine images, refine ideas, and refocus perspectives. Together with her gifts of creativity, ingenuity, and her desire to build a legacy, Kira began consulting which birthed and gave life to her epithet and brand The Modern Day Cindi. The Modern Day Cindi highlights Kira’s passion in becoming a global advocate for women’s affairs and giving a voice to women of all generations. Notably, Kira is recognized by her peers and colleagues as a coach, a counselor, a mediator, and a friend. Kira is also celebrated as a culture savant who is well-versed in style, has a keen editor’s eye, exhibits a knack for fashion, and an accomplished business maven whose intellect and creativity has helped to launch efforts and promote projects in arts, entertainment, and media, Kira’s innovative genius has also helped businesses develop and implement strategies to streamline their messaging and strengthen their marketing. It is this business acumen that has pushed her into the arena of higher education where she is a MMBA Professor. Kira is now expanding her portfolio by bringing her book of business and outlook on urban affairs to Sphere TV as an anchor and co-host. Kira currently is a partner in Status K, a conglomerate founded with her husband which focuses on Arts, Entertainment, Media and Urban Development. When not pursuing her many business ventures, she spends her spare time enjoying her family, embarking on new adventures through travel, life coaching, mentoring and partaking in the fine arts. Kira is contributing to building her family’s legacy by making her mark as a committed wife, mother, scholar, and humanitarian.


Social Media:

Instagram: @TheModernDayCindi

Twitter: @TheMDCOfficial

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Kristen Moore.jpg

Kristen Moore


One third of #ashtag, the Dallas born and DMV raised Kris Yvette is a lover of all things trap or sophistiratchet. She's a mixture of Issa Rae, green tea, incense, and mess. She’s HBCU made, doing her undergraduate work at Prairie View A&M and graduate studies at Texas Southern and she currently calls Houston her home. Kris is also a proud member of Zeta Phi Beta, Sorority Incorporated and Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Incorporated.

 She loves crawfish, Erykah Badu, anything purple, traveling, Maker’s Mark and randomness. Get your teacup ready; Kris is promoting foolishness, cuttin’ up, served with side of realness.


Social Media:

Instagram: @Cherchez_La_Kris


Kristen Moore.jpg

Jesse Fezia


In late 2017, Jesse was approached with the idea of becoming a podcaster. As an avid music-lover and collector, he couldn’t have been more ecstatic, and jumped at the grand opportunity to share music on such a platform.

Music has always played an instrumental role in Jesse’s life, as he grew up singing in church as youth and young adult. It served as his outlet and escape from the “real world”. Growing up in various parts of the melting pot that is Houston, TX, Jesse was exposed to a myriad of music genres and acquired an appreciation for the majority of them, which has honed his musical ear to be what it is today.  Among the genres in his catalogue of music, you’ll discover Neo-Soul, Alternative, R&B, Gospel, Country, Blue, Old Soul, Modern and Contemporary Jazz, etc.

As one-third of the Soul Food podcast, Jesse’s feels that it’s his personal mission and responsibility to share his passion for music, highlighting the latest and greatest in R&B, Neo-Soul, and Jazz music, that will nourish your soul. It is his wish that the followers will be introduced to music of artists they’ve never heard of and/or renewing interests in artists know and love of the past.

Social media:

Instagram: @jfeziaartist2

Facebook: /jesse.feziaiii



LaShonda Johnson


LaShonda Johnson's passion is to educate and empower individuals, families and business owners with the knowledge necessary to confidently manage their finances. In doing so, LaShonda's clients can proactively partner with her to plan for their future. She understands from personal experiences what it’s like to work hard for money, spend it and not understand how to make the money work for her. LaShonda too has saved for years in savings accounts and watched nothing happen. She understands the fears of not knowing how you are going to retire and how to plan for it! Eight years ago LaShonda made a decision to change. She's grateful for her good friends Regina & Jairo Jaramillo for introducing her to Transamerica/WFG. It was here that LaShonda learned how money works and how to properly plan for her future. LaShonda's desire to help others in this pursuit is why she decided to launch a new career as a Certified Financial Educator. She's combined her financial expertise with over 25 years of Corporate and Business experience to help people create a powerful relationship with their finances. Let LaShonda help you save your future.


Social Media:

Email: lashondaj@houstonhousewivesoffinance.com

Web: www.hhofinance.com

Facebook: LaShonda Johnson

Linked In: LaShonda Johnson

Layla E.jpg

Layla E.


Layla E. has had an ongoing, passionate love affair with Hip Hop since the 1990's. Back then, everything was so colorful, fun and played the cool pop sounds of MC Hammer, The Fat Boys and most importantly, they graced the atmosphere with the sounds of one of the coolest trios ever; Run DMC. This early exposure fed her new-found love for the genre and opened the doors for the conscious rap of the 90’s, and the not so conscious rap, that came from the ‘dirty’ south and preached of “backing dat ass up” and having "25 lighters on the dresser (yes sir)".

Hip-Hop, being one of the newest musical genres, as well as quite possibly being the most streamed category, has continually evolved. It is because of this evolution, which is now also spurred on by the global community, that Layla’s desire to be involved with hip-hop, on all levels, is a driving force.

On her free time, Layla E enjoys travelling far and wide. Not only to gain a new perspective on culture, but also hip-hop. She is always discovering new talent and encouraging others to engage with these unique artists. Her goal is to bridge the gap in hip-hop internationally and let the world know who Layla E is.


Social Media:

LinkedIn: in/LaylaE

Instagram: @Layla_E1

Twitter: @Layla_E


Layla E.jpg
Leah K Egwuatu.jpg

Leah K. Egwuatu


Leah K. Egwuatu is a fitness trainer, instructor, social media influencer, and busy mom of 3.  In the on set of 2012 Leah fused her two passions of food & fitness by launching Fit Foodie Le, LLC.

Through various mediums this online inspiration is always eager to share her food recipes, fit mom tips, time saving workout routines, all while shedding a realistic yet funny and positve light on balancing fitness and motherhood. 

Worldwide, Leah is currently living out her passion by captivating and inspiring over 70,000 active women & men through www.fitfoodiele.com and @fitfoodiele on Instagram to become healthier versions of themselves


Social Media:

Instagram: @fitfoodiele

Leah K Egwuatu.jpg



MistaGoodBar is an emcee/radio host who proudly hails from Newark, NJ. His passion for music at an early age has continued to fuel his desire to share and discuss all facets of the artistry. 

He has been hosting hip hop and neosoul/r&B events for over 13 years,
appearing on stages alongside the likes of Rakim, Sy Smith, The Foreign Exchange,Pharoahe Monch, and many others.He also is the host of the longest running monthly hip hop event in Houston, PAID IN FULL, along with DJ Nimbus & DJ Burb.

Additionally, he is the host of THE REMEDY, a radio program that highlights the best of neosoul and r&b music on KPFT 90.1FM, and is the primary destination for those seek elite soul sounds! 

Social media:

Instagram: @MistaGoodBar
Twitter: @TheGoodRemedy


Rickey Getwood .jpg

Rickey Getwood Jr.


While Rickey’s first passion is playing and teaching drums, he put his high energy to dual use as an active athlete throughout his adolescent years. Through his childhood and adult experiences with fitness and music, he fused his passions into a company called Fitness and Music Inc. Now residing in Houston Texas Rickey Getwood Jr. continues to motivate others through the two concepts he caught wind of at a young age. His mission is to be a light and spread that light by motivating lives through fitness and music around the world, starting with his local surrounding communities.

Life hasn’t always been blue skies and rainbows for Rickey and he sheds light on his life story in his published book, “How to be Happy Coming from a Non-College Graduate”. Present day, Rickey Getwood Jr. is a musician and certified personal trainer who also specializes in group training. In 2017, he joined as a Partner Trainer with the fastest growing outdoor fitness program called Camp Gladiator. Outside of spending time with his beloved family and friends, you will find him leading a group boot camp, playing drums with local cover bands – The Mockingbids + FalSkye or speaking at a public/private engagement.


Social Media:

Instagram: @rickey_paul_getwood 

Rickey Getwood .jpg
Ms Sirrah.jpg

Ms. Sirrah


Ms. Sirrah is new to the podcast industry, but her love for music started at a very young age.  Being a Chicago native and growing up in a lively, musical family that consists of DJ’s, singers and instrument players, she was exposed to all types of genres of music on a daily basis.

Her passion for music and meaningful lyrics grew as she discovered that she too had a singing talent, which she showcased in talent shows and at private events upon request.  Some of her early musical influences consist of Anita Baker, Stevie Wonder, Denise Williams, Minnie Ripperton, Donnie Hathaway, The Isley Brothers, Gap Band, EWF, S.O.S. Band, Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston, but she also has a great appreciation for newer artists such as her favorite entertainer, Mary J. Blige, Anthony Hamilton, Musiq Soulchild, India Arie, Dwele, The Internet, H.E.R., Jill Scott, Tamia, Daniel Caesar, Faith Evans, Kelly Price, Dave Hollister, Blackstreet, Mint Condition and a host of others.  

Ms. Sirrah was one-third of a girl group in the early 90s that she formed with two friends from her neighborhood.  Although she ultimately chose to pursue a career in real estate (RE/MAX Premier Properties), her love for music never left.  She attends various concerts, live music sets, music festivals, musicals and even travels to witness her favorite artists live. Her preferred music of choice is R&B, but she loves “anything that sounds and feels good”, and her goal is to leave her listeners with the same feeling after every show.

Social Media:

Instagram: @Ms_Sirrah

Twitter: @Ms_Sirrah

Ms Sirrah.jpg
Tiffany Noco pic.jpg

Tiffany Noco


Tiffany Noco is a girl with large dreams and a big appetite to fulfill them all! She has her hand in a lot of different pots being a lifestyle blogger, podcast host, and socialite. Her venture into the entertainment world started from a young age and continued on throughout her adult life. She started her blog in 2017 and later meet The Sphere owner Garry where she guest starred on the All Things Beauty podcast and was then after invited on as a permeant host. Tiffany is now the host of The Sphere’s Hashtag.

Tiffany attended Stephen F. Austin State University with a major in international business and later transferred to The University of Houston – Downtown. She aspires to own an online clothing boutique and be the biggest name in radio and tv hosts. She has a very big personality and loves to connect with people from all walks of life. Her inspiration comes from wanting to be in control of her story: she says “You either tell your own story or live in a story someone else tells for you.” Nothing in life in intangible all you have to do is open your mind and believe it.

We can expect to see many more amazing things from Tiffany, she is always welcoming new opportunities and creating some of her own! Check out her blog at www.tiffanynoco.com and be sure to subscribe to her show Hashtag! 

 Social Media:

 Instagram: @_TiffanyNoCo

Tiffany Noco pic.JPG

Toni Sanders


Toni Sanders's mission is to teach others how to properly manage money and achieve financial freedom and independence. It is her privilege and honor to show clients the proper steps in building a solid financial house including growth, protection, safety and tax advantages.

Personally, Toni has learned how easy this process can be. As a successful hairstylist and entrepreneur, she knew how to make money and spend it! After being introduced to Transamerica/WFG in October 2014, Toni was intrigued with the idea of having a great retirement plan and ultimately leaving a legacy for her daughter. Having a second chance to build a proper financial foundation was also very exciting. Moreover, Toni realized that she knew people who also needed to learn about money and how to build wealth. In that moment, Toni knew she needed to share the powerful financial education that she learned with individuals, families, and small business owners.


Social Media:

Email: tonis@houstonhousewivesoffinance.com

Web: www.houstonhousewivesoffinance.com

Facebook: Toni Sanders

Linked In: Toni Sanders



Dr. Uzo Osuagwu


Dr. Uzo Osuagwu was born and raised in Tyler, TX.  After completing high school he attended Texas A&M University where he graduated with honors with a degree in Biomedical Sciences.  After spending a year doing research on Parkinson's disease, he attended medical school at McGovern Medical School in Houston, TX. He went on to complete a residency in Anesthesiology and was selected to serve as chief resident in his final year.  Following residency training he remained in Houston and completed a fellowship in pain management at the world renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center. He currently resides in Houston where his practice focuses on pain management. In his free time he is an avid sports and music fan, making as many live games and concerts as his schedule allows.


Zane Weeks

Zane Weeks is someone who is extremely passionate about a career in the media industry as well as entertainment. As a true Texas native he is very much driven, and strives to continue advancing his career through gaining more experience, whether it be as one of the current hosts on #ashtag, participating in press releases as well as maintaining a YouTube channel to bring new content to his audience. He is extremely extroverted, but introverted as well, meaning he loves to be the center of attention, but only if he literally doesn’t have to say a word. He is a product of the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston completing his undergrad studies in the spring 0f 2018. He currently resides in Houston, TX; Zane is also a proud member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. and is always striving to achieve everything encompassing his goals.

Zane also loves Sushi, hookah, and any variation of the color red. His drink of choice is Grey Goose and whatever you can wash it down with; however if there is no Goose, just bring out the henny

Social Media:

Instagram: @ZaneTaughtMe