074: Mugshot Rights Lawsuit, Atlanta Votes to Decriminalize Weed, Lawyers Concede Guilt Against Client

In episode 74, we dive back into the injustices of today. We take a look at the mugshot website lawsuit concerning photos of previous felons being posted without their consent. We also take a look at Atlanta’s proposal to decriminalize marijuana and follow other progressive cities in the United States. Plus, the Supreme Court will consider the constitutional issue of an attorney conceding guilt against their client. This and more on #InJustice.

073: Maine Abortion Law Injunction, NCAA Coaches Accepting Bribes, Freedom of Speech on Campuses

In episode 73, we welcome guest host Garry Lee (@ghawkinz) to dive deep into the injustices of today. We discuss a Maine abortion law injunction that continues to inflame the fight for female reproductive rights. We also look at NCAA coaches allegedly taking bribes in conjunction with Adidas. Plus, Jeff Sessions is pushing forward the freedom of speech on college campuses across the country. This and more on #InJustice.

072: Firefighter Racist Post, St. Louis Ex Cop Acquitted, Sandusky's Son Child Sex Crimes

In episode 72, we discuss the latest issues to surrounding our legal system and the injustices that follow. We take a look at a firefighter who decides to post something racist in social media, which has led to his suspension. Also, the St. Louis ex police officer involved in the shooting of an unarmed black driver has been acquitted. Plus, Sandusky’s son has been indicted on 14 counts of children sex crimes. This and more on #InJustice.

068: Charlottesville Domestic Terrorist, NAACP Travel Advisory, Confederacy Advocates Secession

In episode 68, we welcome back Damon Parrish (@LawyerParrish) to discuss this week’s injustice. We take a look at the horrific terror attack that happened in Charlottesville this past weekend. We also discuss the NAACP travel advisory regarding states here in the US. Plus, Confederacy advocates are discussing a possible secession as race tensions heat up again. This and more on #InJustice. 

067: Military Transgender Law Suits, Sanctuary City Litigation, Cali Police Collecting Racial Data

In episode 67, we dive deep into the legal news and scandals surrounding the country today. We look at the military transgender lawsuits aimed at the President over his verbal ban. We also discuss the sanctuary city litigation that’s taking shape in Chicago. Plus, the California police has started to collect racial data on the citizens of the state.  This and more on #InJustice. 

066: Arizona Sheriff Found Guilty, Trump’s Misleading Statements, Florida Challenges Textbooks

In episode 66, we welcome back guest host Jackie Carpenter (@JackieEsquire) to dive deep into this week’s legal issues. We discuss the Arizona sheriff that was found guilty for criminal contempt. We also dive into the multiple misleading comments by the 45th president. Plus, Florida has decided to let its residents challenge content in textbooks.  This and more on #InJustice. 

065: Transgender Military Ban, Tennessee Inmate Vasectomies, Minnesota Police Shooting Fallout

In episode 65, we welcome guest host Dan Scarbrough (@BlaqeBlackerson) to dive into the legal news of the week. We discuss the latest Trump era executive orders banning transgender people from the military. We also look at Tennessee offering vasectomies to inmates for reduced sentence time. Plus, the Minnesota police shooting of an Australian woman is starting to bear the repercussions.  This and more on #InJustice. 

063: Black Lives Matter Sued By Cop, Millionaires on Welfare, Trump Violates First Amendment

In episode 63, we dive deep into the political and legal news of the week. We discuss a Louisiana police officer that was injured in a Baton Rouge shooting who has decided to sue Black Lives Matter. We also take a look at a sting operation against millionaires collecting welfare. Plus, President Trump is being sued for potential first amendment rights violations on Twitter. This and more on #InJustice. 

061: Laquan McDonald Cover Up, Mississippi Anti-Gay Laws, Child Pornography Nudie Pics

In episode 61, we dive deep into this week’s injustice. We take a look at the an African American kid being charged with child pornography after an European American girl sends him nude pictures. We also discuss the Mississippi anti-gay laws being upheld. Plus, 3 police officers are being accused of covering up the death of Laquan McDonald.  This and more on #InJustice. 

059: Jeff Sessions Testifies, NCAA Ultimatum, Constitutional Violations

In episode 59, we welcome back guest host Damon Parrish II (@LawyerParrish) to discuss the injustices happening this week. We take a look at the testimony that Jeff Sessions delivered regarding Russia. We also discuss an ultimatum given by the NCAA to a player over Youtube compensation. Plus, our 45th President is being sued over constitutional violations.  This and more on #InJustice.