077: Mid-year review, Mission Impossible: Fallout, Venom trailer #2

In episode 77, we welcome back Abner Brown (@abnerbrown) to another thrilling show on this week’s Intermission! We breakdown the hits and misses in our mid-year movie review. We also discuss our dive into the blockbuster hit Mission Impossible: Fallout. Plus, we dive into trailer #2 for Marvel’s Venom. All this and more on #Intermission!

073: Fast and the Furious Franchise, Oscar Worthy Movies

In episode 73,  we welcome back Marcus Griffin (@FishNGrits713) to the round table on this week’s Intermission! We discuss the latest in Fast and the Furious franchise. We also dive into what movies we are looking forward to in the coming year. Plus, we breakdown what movies we feel are Oscar worthy.  All this and more on #Intermission!

071: The Nun Trailer, Tag review, 80's Vs. 90's Remakes

In episode 71, we bring you another amazing show on this week’s Intermission! We dive into the trailer for the highly anticipated horror movie The Nun. We also breakdown our review of the new blockbuster  comedy Tag. Plus, we discuss 80’s versus 90’s movie and tv remakes. All this and more on #Intermission!

069: David Fincher vs. Christopher Nolan

In episode 69, we bring you another exciting show on this week’s Intermission! We discuss who is the better director David Fincher or Christopher Nolan. We also dive into the review of the new action packed movie Upgrade. Plus, we dive into the trailers for Christopher Robin, BlacKkKlansman and White Boy Rick. All this and more on #Intermission!

067: Bohemian Rhapsody Trailer,Josh Brolin Spotlight, Deadpool 2

In episode 67, we have an amazing show on this week’s Intermission! We breakdown the trailer for Bohemian Rhapsody the story about Queen’s Freddie Mercury. We also discuss the spotlights being on Avenger’s Josh Brolin. Plus, we dive into our review of the blockbuster hit Deadpool 2. All this and more on #Intermission!

066: This is Us, 80's movie discussion, Predator Trailer

In episode 66, we bring you another action packed show on this week’s Intermission! We discuss the award winning hit tv show This is Us. We dive into our favorite 80’s movies. We also breakdown the trailer for the newly anticipated movie Predator.  All this and more on #Intermission!

065: Sneak Peek at 2019 T.V. show/ Movie Lineup, Luke Cage Season 2

In episode 65, we bring you another  informative show on this week’s Intermission! We take a look at TV shows and movies coming out in 2019. We also dive into the movies and TV show, we are excited about seeing in the upcoming year.  Plus we discuss season 2 of Netflix's Luke Cage. All this and more on #Intermission!

064: Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War

In episode 64, we discuss all things Infinity War! We breakdown some of the key character choices and sequences found in the movie as well as some unexpected twists that live within the MCU. We also see some theories debunked that have been ascending the ranks over the last year. Plus, we try to stay spoiler free, but we can’t promise you anything.  All this and more on #Intermission!

063: Current Film News, Super Trooper 2, Trailer of the Week: Venom

In episode 63, we bring you yet another explosive and entertaining show on Intermission! We discuss what is the current news in the film industry. We also dive into the movie review of the hilarious  movie Super Trooper 2. Plus, we breakdown the trailer of Venom. All this and more on #Intermission!

062: Open Movie/TV Discussion, Rampage Review

In episode 62, we give you all things movie and TV  on Intermission! We dive into an open movie and TV discussion. We also breakdown our favorite Dwayne “Rock” Johnson movie and TV show.  We also give our movie review for the blockbuster hit Rampage. All this and more on #Intermission!

060: Cult Classics, The state of 2018 movies

In episode 60, we welcome guest hosts Marcus Griffin (fishngrits281) and Vincent Patrick (@VincentPatrick) to another hilarious show on Intermission!. We breakdown the definition of a cult classic and which movies are considered cult classics. We also dive into our top pick for cult classic movie of all time. Plus, we dive into best and worst movies of 2018. All this and more on #Intermission!