054: Streaming Services’ Original Content, Solo: A Star Wars Story, New Deadpool Sequel Trailer

In episode 54, we come back with the latest and greatest in movie and TV info here on Intermission! We discuss some of the original content that’s coming out of your favorite streaming services companies. We also take a deep dive into the new Han Solo: A Star Wars Movie trailer. Plus, Deadpool has done it again with it’s sequel teaser featuring Cable.  All of this and more on #Intermission!

053: Black History Month Highlight: Wesley Snipes, Highest Grossing Black Film Directors, Avengers Superbowl Trailer

In episode 53, we reignite our conversation with guest host Garry Lee (@ghawkinz) as we get into Black History Month on Intermission! We highlight Wesley Snipes and take a look at the highest paid African American directors. We also share our thoughts on the Avengers Superbowl Trailer. All this and more on #intermission! All of this and more on #Intermission!

052: Intermission 1 Year Anniversary Show

In episode 52, we welcome you to our Intermission 1 Year Anniversary show! We discuss the growth we have made on the network and platform to get us to this level. We also discuss the growth of movies over the past year including some of our favorite titles that have come out. Plus, we’ve got an action packed 2018 in store! All of this and more on #Intermission!

051: 2018 Movie Predictions and More

In episode 51, we welcome back guest host Marcus Griffin (@FishNGrits281) to dive into the movie and tv shows of the week on Intermission! We dive deep into the movie predictions we have for the upcoming Marvel series as well as some of the current rumors surrounding the upcoming Black Panther movie. We also look at the growth of other comic book timelines and stories and how 2018 will be dominated by this.  All of this and more on #Intermission!

050: Snow Day Rants, Den of Thieves, Best Comedians of All Time

In episode 50, it’s a snow day!!! We go off into multiple rants as we prepare to be snowed in here in Houston. We also discuss our ideas of Den of Thieves and what we can expect from the film. Plus, we lay it all on the line when talking about the best comedians and standups of all time. All of this and more on #Intermission!

049: The Mighty Golden Globes, The Best and The Rest of 2017

In episode 49, we welcome you back to Intermission as we discuss some of the best movies from 2017! We take a look at what the Marvel franchise was able to achieve in 2017 and the new direction it could take in 2018 with the additional purchases by Disney. We also discuss some of the epic misses of 2017 including DC’s mishaps and other remakes that had high aspirations. Plus, we take a look at the Golden Globe Awards that showcased some of the best talent we saw last year.   All of this and more on #Intermission!

048: Adult Christmas Movies, Disney Buys Fox, Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

In episode 48, we slide into the Christmas holidays with some good picks from our team on Intermission! We discuss the adult holiday movies that we have all grown to love (or hate). We also breakdown the purchase of Fox Century 21 by Disney and what this really means for the Marvel franchise. Plus, we review the long-awaited Star Wars Episode VIII.  All of this and more on #Intermission!

039: Horror Movie Tourney Elite 8, BladeRunner 2049 Review, Justice League Final trailer

In episode 39, we welcome guest host and fan Janae Strickland (@StrickyPoo) to talk about this week’s TV shows and movies reviews! We dive into our Horror Movie tournament’s Elite 8 as we drill down to the best horror movie of all time. We also review the latest blockbuster movie, BladeRunner 2049! Plus, the final Justice League Trailer is out! All of this and more on #Intermission!

035: IT Movie Review, Game of Thrones Season Finale, 2017 Act III Movies

In episode 35, we review one of 2017’s most anticipated movies, Stephen King’s IT. We also look at the epic Game of Thrones finale that has exploded across the interwebs. Plus, we breakdown some of the movies still left to arrive n the last 4 months of the year. Including Bladerunner, Justice League, and Star Wars.   All of this and more on #Intermission!