Kalan Laws


Kalan Laws, also known as Señor Guapo, is setting both coasts on fire as a noted lecturer, public speaker, entrepreneur, and one of the foremost developmental minds of our generation. By day he is a political science professor who has earned the endorsement of his colleagues and is beloved by his students. But it is doesn’t stop there! Kalan has expanded his ever-evolving portfolio to extend into the reaches of fashion. He is an aspiring designer, burgeoning stylist, and manages his own men’s style and fashion blog. As a successful model who has commanded the runways of New York Fashion Week, and now designer, Kalan has been a guest featured content contributor to various online fashion and style publications and has been the men’s style editor for an online magazine. Kalan has also built a strong book of clients of singers, filmmakers, & professional athletes, that he styles. Although Kalan holds a distinguished spot in the elite world of men’s fashion, along the way, he has merged his love for arts and education with a unique flare. As an academician, Kalan is a man with passion for international development and educational philanthropy. Kalan is a founding member of The Houston Village Foundation (a mentoring organization for under-served youth) and, he is a co-host for the public affairs radio show "Impact Houston Live" on KTSU FM 90.9 FM providing a platform for differing perspectives and a refreshing outlook on metropolitan development, safety and engagement, financial management, etc. With his mixture of social commentary in the political sciences, as well as his pulse on pop culture, Kalan has been able to provide value in integrating community leadership with a voice that motivates the minds of millennials. With such a huge piece of the pie, now Kalan Laws (Señor Guapo), is bringing his unique fashion sense, world-class style savvy, and educational prowess to Sphere TV. It is his desire to provide you with relevant content that will artistically inspire and stimulate social consciousness. Kalan believes in balance, as is shown by his love for fashion, fitness, and fine arts! Moreover, he is inextricably connected to his faith. Kalan’s greatest accomplishments began in 2009, the day that his best-friend became his wife and, in 2015, when they began growing their family. They are his reasons...


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