Khaliah Guillory


Khaliah’s daily motivation is to “Inspire one person to be BIG in the world.”  She is on a quest to ultimately ignite a global transformation.  Imagine a world filled with people who operate outside of having fear and have the gall to take steps towards pursuing purpose and passion in their life.  Don’t you get goose bumps just thinking about how powerful a world like that could be?

The journey to Entrepreneurship started with a whisper following one of her talks from a senior executive at the Fortune 500 company that Khaliah works for.  The executive leaned in and said, “I have no idea why we pay motivational speakers thousands of dollars to keynote when we have you on payroll.”  When Khaliah leaned back she thought, “You shole right, lady!” and in that moment KOG & Company was born.  KOG & Company’s platform enables Khaliah to share her journey through transformational talks that include story-telling.  As Khaliah navigated small business start-up, she quickly identified a grave need to create a support community for professionals with a passion for their side hustle AKA Corpreneurs.  Hence, Mogul in Training was formed to provide an online franchise-in-a-box blueprint that will provide accountability, mastermind sessions and revolutionize the way we network and embrace "networthing".


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