077: 5 Things Millennials Need to Know About Retirement, Understanding Your 401k, 403b, Etc.

In episode 77, we welcome guest host Ahmad Scott with Millennial$ & Money (ahmad.scott01@gmail.com) to dive into retirement and how it relates to millennials. We take an in depth look into retirement and when to officially start planning as a millennial. We also breakdown the inner workings of 401Ks and the different retirement variants. Plus, we give you 5 key things to know about retiring the “right way”.   All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor.





076: 10 Steps on Buying A Home, Equifax Congressional Regulation, Credit Difficulties for Mortgages

In episode 76, we welcome guest host Sandra Schrenk, Realtor with Keller Williams (slschrenk@gmail.com) to discuss the burden of purchasing a home with the Equifax crisis. We take a look at some of the difficulties people are experiencing as well as the regulation that congress may pass. Plus, we give you 10 steps to follow on buying your first or fortieth home. All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor.





075: Student Loan Forgiveness, College Planning and Financial Preparation

In episode 75, we welcome guest host Dr. Aisha Asby (Draisha.asby@gmail.com) to discuss being financially ready for college. We take a look at the student loan forgiveness program that is coming up on its 10 year anniversary. We also breakdown college planning and how to properly prepare for the upcoming costs. Plus, we give some key insight on student loan payments for those that we in hurricane-affected areas. All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor.






074: Trump Risking the NFL, Uber Losing London, Target Raising Minimum Wage

In episode 74, we welcome Derick Berry of Men and Money (Mr.Berry33@gmail.com) to discuss the financial highlights happening today. We dive deep into the financial risks that are involved with the latest President’s thoughts on select NBA players and the NFL taking a knee during the anthem. We also discuss the financial effects of Uber losing London and the widespread calamity for all parties involved. Plus, Target is raising its minimum wage of employees, which may catch on with other retailers. All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor.





073: Equifax Hacked, 4 Financial Power Moves for Singles, Millennials And Money

In episode 73, we welcome back Kiara Peoples (kpeoples1207@yahoo.com) to discuss the gravity of the Equifax hack. We look at ways to confirm if your credit was affected and steps to mitigate fraudulent activity. We also dive deep into 4 financial power moves that we help singles into today’s financial climate. Plus, it’s all about the millennials and money.  All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor.





072: The Economic Impacts and Recovery of Hurricane Harvey

In episode 72, we welcome guest host Mike Harris with State Farm Insurance (mike@mikeinsuresyou.com) to discuss the economic impact and recovery process through hurricane Harvey and other natural disasters. We discuss the amount of time and effort required to complete the process of rebuilding your financial house as well as some of the mechanics of the journey. Plus, we give you key strategies to help avoid the future pitfalls from disasters. All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor. 





071: Homeownership as The American Dream, Saving for Down Payment, 1st Time Homebuyer Tips

In episode 71, we welcome guest host Chairidee Smith of Ms. Mogul  (www.chairidee.com) to dive into the realm of finances and home ownership. We discuss the concept of homeownership as the American dream. We also give insight to saving for a down payment for a new home. Plus, we give 7 key tips when becoming a 1st time homebuyer.   All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor.





070: Do You Need a Financial Adviser, Increase Your Cash Flow, Creating Passive Income

In episode 70, we dive deep into topics that affect your pocket book. We start by discussing the pros and cons of a financial adviser. We also give healthy tips on ways to increase your cash flow. Plus, creating a passive income stream may be easier than you think!  All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor. 






069: The Financial Foundation Series: Intro to Investing Part VI

In episode 69, we give you key concepts surrounding finance and investing as we finish up our financial foundation series. We dive into what APR is, FICO, 401Ks, and other financial products. We also give insight to how diversification can help provide stability and growth to your portfolio. Plus, we give valuable insight on different types of insurance that have a stock market component.  All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor. 



068: The Financial Foundation Series: Intro to Investing Part V

In episode 68, we continue down the road of the fundamentals of investing. We describe the NASDAQ, S&P, as well as other indices. We also dive deep into how mutual funds work and their strengths and weaknesses. Plus, we look at other instruments that allow you to build legacy in the market.    All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor. 

067: The Financial Foundation Series: Intro to Investing Part IV

In episode 67, we welcome Angela E Matthews (www.AngelaEMatthews.com) to move into the fundamentals of investing. We  breakdown what an investment club is and how working in a collaborative group can be a benefit to your overall understanding and growth in the market. Plus, we give key definitions and explanations to some of mechanics of making a trade.   All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor. 

066: The Financial Foundation Series: Intro to Investing Part III

In episode 66, we welcome back Ahmad Scott (Ahmad.scott01@gmail.com) to dive deep into the investing portion of our financial series. We look at some of the top emotional reasons that cause people to waste money. We also look at how those emotions can spill over into their investing habits and cause unforeseen financial consequences.  All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor. 

065: The Financial Foundation Series: Intro to Investing Part II

In episode 65, we continue on our financial series journey into investing. We talk about the very important method of paying yourself first and what that brings to your financial safety net. We also discuss the things needed when you are just starting out as an investor. Plus, you always have to keep discipline in your pocket as an investor.   All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor. 




064: The Financial Foundation Series: Emergency Funds and Intro to Investing

In episode 64, we hop back into our financial foundation series with focus on creating your emergency fund and understanding the purpose behind investing. We discuss the ratios needed to live off of your current assets and how those ratios differ depending on your age bracket. Plus, we give key insight to the importance of growing your money and good rules to live by in order to make sure the money outlasts you.  All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor. 




063: Secure Seniors, Baby Boomer Emergency Funds, Slashing Retirement Costs

In episode 63, we welcome Kiara Peoples (peoples.advocate1@gmail.com) to discuss money as it relates to senior citizens and the security of their finances. We take a look at the lack of emergency funds that baby boomers have and what that means as they age into their golden years. Plus, we show you ways to slash into those rising retirement costs.   All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor. 




062: The Financial Foundation Series: Debt Management Part III

In episode 62, we welcome guest host Ahmad Scott (Ahmad.scott01@gmail.com) to discuss a the millennials perspective on debt management. We discuss methods for handling credit cards and the interest-rate-induced debt from them. We also look at multiple types of debt including unsecured, secured, and revolving. Plus, we show you a savings bank that is good for anyone at any age.  All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor. 





061: The Financial Foundation Series: Debt Management Part II

In episode 61, we welcome guest host Doron Maghett (dmaghett@msn.com) to discuss a man’s perspective on debt management. We take a look at key financial principles to be instituted in a household for everyone to live by. We also discuss how to prepare for long term debt situations and the importance of emergency savings.  All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor. 



060: The Financial Foundation Series: Debt Management

In episode 60, we continue our financial foundation series by moving into debt management. We discuss some key articles that show examples of what happens when you are unaware of your rising debt as well as ways to recover. Plus, we dive deep into strategies that you can implement to keep your debt under control moving forward.  All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor. 




059: Financial To-Do List, Consequences of Procrastination, More Fun with Less Money

In episode 59, we take time on Memorial Day to give you a financial to-do list that will keep your wealth in order. We also look at the consequences of procrastination when it comes to your wealth. Plus, learn some key tips to having more fun with less money. All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor. 





058: 15 Mistakes When Planning for Retirement, #BESummit: Black Enterprise Entrepreneur Summit

In episode 58, we welcome guest host Garry Lee (@GHawkinz) to discuss the mistakes people make when planning for retirement. We cover the need for a personal relationship with a fiduciary financial advisor, remembering to course-correct & diversify, and knowing your exit strategy. Plus, we recap the Black Enterprise Entrepreneur Summit (#BESummit) in Houston and the financial gems that come from it. All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor.