092: Black Panther's financial Success, Dead Presidents, The Power of Inflation,

In episode 92, we discuss all things this week that affect your Money Factor. We breakdown the financial success in Black Panther's first week. We also define Dead Presidents and how their faces appear on US currency. Plus, we give you key examples surrounding the power of inflation. All of this and more on The #Money Factor.







091: The 2018 Tax Laws and How They Affect You

In episode 91, we welcome Rosa A. Weaver Esq.  (rosa.weaver@4283legaladvisors.com)  to dive deep into the new 2018 tax bill that’s affecting the country this year and next year. We take a look at deductions, credits, and new limits that will affect you whether filing single or married. We also find out what requirements are on expats and those looking to retire abroad. Plus, Rosa drops important information when it comes to alimony, “kiddie taxes”, and the Affordable Healthcare Act. All of this and more on The #Money Factor.



090: Wells Fargo Financial Scandal, Top Percent of Income Earners, Working Your X Curve

In episode 90, we continue to provide content to help grow your money factor! We discuss the ongoing Wells Fargo scandal and look at a specific timeline showcasing their mis-dealings. We also give you an interactive graph of where your income places you in comparison to the top 1%. Plus, we teach you how to work on your financial X-Curve!  All of this and more on The #Money Factor.





089: U.S. Spending vs. Savings, 15 Things to Know About Your Money, 2018 Important Financial Dates

In episode 89, we give you the latest info that’s affecting your money factor! We start with startling statistics regarding the US and the amount of decline from citizen-based savings accounts. We also take a look at 15 things you need to know about your money. Plus, we give you key dates to jot down on your 2018 financial calendar.   All of this and more on The #Money Factor.





088: Right Way Tax Services, 2017 Financial Tax Brackets, Government Shutdown 2018

In episode 88, we welcome guest host Akilah Glaspie (akilah@taxrightway.com) from Right Way Tax and Financial Services to discuss financial sense here on The Money Factor. We dive into the upcoming 2018 tax year, 2017 tax brackets, and great tips you need to be aware of to be prepared for it. We also discuss the government shutdown and how it can impact your life moving forward.  All of this and more on The #Money Factor.






087: Money Mistakes to Avoid in 2018, Financial New Year's Resolution Tips, Overpowering Your Debt

In episode 87, we come back with the financial wisdom from The Money Factor. We start by discussing financial mistakes to avoid as we move into 2018. We also discuss resolution tips to keep you on your financial plan this year. Plus, we give some key insight on how to overpower your debt.  All of this and more on The #Money Factor.




086: No Raises in 2018, Rental Rates Skyrocketing, Credit Card Debt Eating Your Lunch

In episode 86, we bring you the continued financial news and information to sow into your money factor! We discuss the lack of raises to be expected in 2018 for the US and tips on increasing your cash flow. We also look at the rental rates continuing to increase and some of the factors as to why. Plus, credit card debt is literally eating your lunch! All of this and more on The #Money Factor.





085: The Future of Bitcoin, Paying Uncle Sam, Knowing Your Investing Risk Tolerance

In episode 85, we discuss all things Bitcoin! We give you the ins and outs of the growing financial phenomenon and how it can affect your pocketbook. We also discuss the tax implications on this digital currency and how Uncle Sam is looking to get his cut. Plus, we give you valuable insight what your risk tolerance should be when investing. All of this and more on The #Money Factor.






084: Millennials and The Financial Crisis, Hacker Tips on Saving More, Controlling Over Spending

In episode 84, we come back with all of the financial insight you need here on The Money Factor! We take a look at how the financial crisis of 2008 has affected the millennials 10 years later. We also discuss tips to help you save more for your emergency fund. Plus, we give valuable insight on controlling your overspending habits.  All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor.





083: Losing Jobs over Student Loans, Wages vs Cost Of Living, Understanding Your Financial Foundation

In episode 83, we dive back into the importance of your finances right here on the money factor! We take a look at the growth of individuals losing their employment due to unpaid student loans. We also breakdown the stagnant wages vs the cost of living increases in America. Plus, we give valuable insight into understanding your financial foundation. All of this and more on the #TheMoneyFactor.




082: Holiday Gift Giving Overrated, Retailers Preparing for Buyers, The Power of Money

In episode 82, we discuss some of the overrated ideas of holiday gift giving. We also look at how retailers are trying to prepare for those same holiday buyers and the level of marketing that they are having to reach to. Plus, we breakdown the power of money and why you need the insight.  All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor.




081: Obamacare 2018 and What You Need to Know

In episode 81, we discuss everything that you need to know about the changes in Obamacare (also known as the Affordable Healthcare Act). We discuss the 5 specific changes that you need to be aware of moving into 2018. We also dive into health care sharing ministries as an affordable option to the Obamacare offerings. Plus, we take a look at the steep penalties for not having coverage.  All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor.







080: New U.S. Tax Plan and Changes, College Savings and Preparation, America’s Growing Wealth Gap

In episode 80, we dive deep into the world of finance. We discuss the new tax plan proposed and the changes that will definitely affect your bottom line. We also speak on the need for college savings and preparation for that upcoming financial burden. Plus, we breakdown America’s growing wealth gap and how it can be rectified.   All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor.






079: Obamacare Premiums Increasing in 2018, Understanding Your 401K and Social Security

In episode 79, we welcome back Toni Sanders as we give you the latest in finance and money matters around the globe. We discuss the Obamacare premium increase that’s set to hit in 2018. We also discuss the current misunderstandings of social security and the unlikelihood of it supporting your retirement needs. Plus, we give valuable insight to understanding your 401K.  All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor.






078: Secrets from Successful Savers, Cost Cutting Measures to Avoid, Find Your Financial Resolution

In episode 78, we welcome back guest host Kiara Peoples (kpeoples1207@yahoo.com) to discuss some of the best secrets from successful savers. We also look at some of those tantalizing cost cutting measures that you really should avoid. Plus, we show you how to find your financial resolution.   All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor.





077: 5 Things Millennials Need to Know About Retirement, Understanding Your 401k, 403b, Etc.

In episode 77, we welcome guest host Ahmad Scott with Millennial$ & Money (ahmad.scott01@gmail.com) to dive into retirement and how it relates to millennials. We take an in depth look into retirement and when to officially start planning as a millennial. We also breakdown the inner workings of 401Ks and the different retirement variants. Plus, we give you 5 key things to know about retiring the “right way”.   All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor.





076: 10 Steps on Buying A Home, Equifax Congressional Regulation, Credit Difficulties for Mortgages

In episode 76, we welcome guest host Sandra Schrenk, Realtor with Keller Williams (slschrenk@gmail.com) to discuss the burden of purchasing a home with the Equifax crisis. We take a look at some of the difficulties people are experiencing as well as the regulation that congress may pass. Plus, we give you 10 steps to follow on buying your first or fortieth home. All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor.





075: Student Loan Forgiveness, College Planning and Financial Preparation

In episode 75, we welcome guest host Dr. Aisha Asby (Draisha.asby@gmail.com) to discuss being financially ready for college. We take a look at the student loan forgiveness program that is coming up on its 10 year anniversary. We also breakdown college planning and how to properly prepare for the upcoming costs. Plus, we give some key insight on student loan payments for those that we in hurricane-affected areas. All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor.






074: Trump Risking the NFL, Uber Losing London, Target Raising Minimum Wage

In episode 74, we welcome Derick Berry of Men and Money (Mr.Berry33@gmail.com) to discuss the financial highlights happening today. We dive deep into the financial risks that are involved with the latest President’s thoughts on select NBA players and the NFL taking a knee during the anthem. We also discuss the financial effects of Uber losing London and the widespread calamity for all parties involved. Plus, Target is raising its minimum wage of employees, which may catch on with other retailers. All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor.





073: Equifax Hacked, 4 Financial Power Moves for Singles, Millennials And Money

In episode 73, we welcome back Kiara Peoples (kpeoples1207@yahoo.com) to discuss the gravity of the Equifax hack. We look at ways to confirm if your credit was affected and steps to mitigate fraudulent activity. We also dive deep into 4 financial power moves that we help singles into today’s financial climate. Plus, it’s all about the millennials and money.  All of this and more on the #MoneyFactor.