064: Kanye West Drops New Song, Trump Renews Attacks on NFL Players, Papa John Sues Papa Johns

In episode 64, we bring you the latest in the news on this week’s SocietyNow! We dive into Kanye West’s releasing his  new song “XCTY” about his sister in laws. We also breakdown Trump calling for NFL Players to be suspended. Plus, we discuss Papa John’s founder John Schnatter suing Papa John’s because of the unexplained way in which the company has treated him since the publication of a story that falsely accused him of using a racial slur. All this and more on #SocietyNow!

063: Trump Attacks LeBron, Dak Prescott Responds to ‘Get Out’ Mural, and EA Sports is Doing Damage Control

In episode 63, we welcome James Greathouse (@greathouselive) to hot topic show on this week’s SocietyNow! We breakdown Trump attacking LeBron on twitter after an interview he had with Don Lemon. We also dive into Dak Prescott response to 'Get Out' mural after anthem comments. Plus, we discuss how EA sports is doing damage control after it was discovered that Colin Kaepernick’s name had been censored from YG’s song “Big Bank” on the soundtrack for “Madden NFL 19”. All this and more on #SocietyNow!

062: R. Kelly Addresses Sex Cult in New Song, Anne Hathaway Talks Nia Wilson and Stabbing, Legalizing Breastfeeding in Public

In episode 62, we bring you another amazing show on this week’s SocietyNow!. We breakdown R. Kelly addressing sex cult accusations on new 19 minute song “I Admit” We also dive into Anne Hathaway calling the fatal stabbing of Nia Wilson  at a subway station in Oakland, California is unspeakable while condemning white privilege. Plus, we discuss how all 50 states have legalized breastfeeding in public. All this and more on #SocietyNow!

061: Morehouse College’s possible Transgender Policy, Justice Department Reopens Emmett Till’s murder Investigation, Papa John’s Founder Regrets Resignation

In episode 61, we have another thought provoking show on this week’s SocietyNow. We dive into Morehouse College considering establishing a transgender policy for the all male college. We also breakdown the justice department reopening the 1955 Emmett Till’s  brutal slaying investigation after new information was found. Plus, we discuss Papa John’s founder John Schnatter regrets resigning as chairman after using a racial slur during a training session. All this and more on #SocietyNow!

060: T.I. Buys His Old Neighborhood Back, 100 Millions of Dollars to be Invested to AA Women Entrepreneurs

In episode 60, we welcome Antwi Atuahene (@noiretnoire)to our wonderful round table on this week’s  SocietyNow! We discuss his journey into his business NoiretNoire (http://noir-et-noire.com).  We breakdown T.I. buys his old neighborhood in Atlanta. Plus, we  dive into SheaMoisture haircare and skincare products founder Richelieu Dennis announced a $100 million fund for women entrepreneurs of color at the 2018 Essence Festival. All this and more on #SocietyNow!

059: Dancing Doctor Gives Up Medical License, Chili’s Manager Calls Police of Black People in Parking Lot, Lebron James Joins the Lakers

In episode 59, we welcome Spencer Foreman (@4man_p413) to another influential show on SocietyNow! We dive into the Dancing Doctor agrees to give up medical license after several malpractice suits. We also discuss Chili’s being  under fire for a manger calling police on black people talking in the parking lot. Plus, we breakdown Lebron James signing a four year contract to play with the Lakers for $154 million. All this and more on #SocietyNow!

058: Trump Responds to Maxine Waters’ Call to Action, Parents Reunite with Children by Choosing Voluntary Deportation, Antwon Rose’s Fatal Shooting

In this episode 58, we welcome guest Danielle White (@Danilovenwa) to this amazing show on SocietyNow! We breakdown Trump response to Maxine Waters’ call to action: “Be Careful What You Wish For”. We also dive into Parents reportedly told they can reunite with children by choosing voluntary deportation, but they may choose not to so that their children can go through the immigration system. Plus, we discuss mourners seek justice in Antwon Rose’s fatal shooting by police officer. All this and more on #SocietyNow!

057: Children Separated from Parents at the Border, New Music from Jay + Bey, UC Berkeley to Offer New Course

In this episode 57, we welcome Ryan Delaire (@Pretty_flacko56) to this informative show on SocietyNow! We dive into children separated from parents at The border heard In heartbreaking new audio  clip. We also breakdown Beyonce and Jay-Z joint album ‘Everything Is Love’ and new music video. Plus, we discuss UC Berkeley to offer a course on Frank Ocean this fall. All this and more on #SocietyNow!

056: Supreme Court Allows Ohio to Clean Up Voting Rolls, Dr.Sloan STEM + Art Summer Camp, Kaepernick’s Legal Team Seeks Subpoenas from Pres. Trump and VP Pence

In this episode 56, we welcome Dr. Sonya Sloan (@Sonyasloanmd) to our round table on SocietyNow! We breakdown the Supreme Court’s decision to  uphold Ohio’s aggressive purging of voting rolls by targeting people who haven’t cast ballots in a while. We also discuss what inspired Dr. Sloan to started her STEM and Art Summer Camp. Plus, we dive into Colin Kaepernick’s legal team seeking subpoenas for President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and other campaign officials relating to the quarterback’s collusion case against the NFL.  All this and more on #SocietyNow!

055: Celebrities are Just Like Us, Even a Broken Clock is Right Twice a Day, and Education Inequality

In this episode 55, we welcome back Carin Pinto (@caringabrielle)  to this thought provoking show on SocietyNow! We dive into Janet Jackson asks police to check on son while in father's care. We also breakdown statitics show black unemployment is at an all-time low, but that statistic is not so impressive once appropriate context is added. Plus, we discuss the NAACP filing federal suit against Betsy DeVos and Department of Education for dismissed hundreds of civil rights complaints. All this and more on #SocietyNow!

054: Importance of Leadership in Hip Hop, Turning Tables on Racial Aggression, Everyone isn’t Mad

In this episode 54, we welcome Shervonne Edwards (@shervonne_edwards) to SocietyNow! We breakdown Meek Mill was scheduled to visit the  White House to discuss prison reform, but canceled after talking to Jay-Z. We also  dive into Lawyer who went off on employees for speaking Spanish is kicked out of office space. Plus, we discuss Nelson Winbush relishes talking about his grandfather’s time as a African American Confederate soldier.  All this and more on #SocietyNow!

053: The New Nuclear Family, Race in America, and Santa Fe Shooting

In this episode 53, we welcome Crystal Lareice (http://coldhardfash.com/) to talk about her design  magazine on SocietyNow! We dive into Mashonda Pens book on co-parenting with Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz. We also breakdown how racist NYC lawyer and Oakland BBQ Becky show that even “educated” folks can be racist too. Plus, we discuss the shooting at Santa Fe high school in Santa Fe, Texas. All this and more on #SocietyNow!

052: Kanye West Backlash, University of Florida Under Fire, Van Jones on The Ellen Show

In this episode 52, we welcome Dr. Jannis Moody (http://www.drjannismoody.com) to enlighten us about mental health awareness on SocietyNow! We breakdown the backlash Kanye West has received  for his Twitter rants. We also dive into the University of Florida under fire after shoving Black students off stage during graduation for dancing. Plus, we discuss CNN correspondent Van Jones appearance on the Ellen Show to talk about racism and police violence.  All this and more on #SocietyNow!

051: Tennessee Waffle House Shooting, Atlanta Mayor Launches New Prison-Job Program, R. Kelly May Serve Time.

In this episode 51, we welcome guest host Kathy Lewis (@kathleen_killem) to another awesome show on SocietyNow. We first dive into the shooting in a Tennessee Waffle House and how it impact  gun reform. We also discuss Atlanta’s Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms launching of groundbreaking prison job training program. Plus, we breakdown R. Kelly may be serving jail time for sexual assaults. All this and more on #SocietyNow!

050: First Black Woman to Head Coachella, Starbucks CEO Issues Apology, Meek Mill Get Visit from Philadelphia Mayor

In this episode 50, we discuss Beyonce making history as the first black woman to headline Coachella. We also dive into Starbucks CEO goes on apologizes as  protests continue over Black mens’ arrest in Starbucks. Plus we breakdown Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney visited Meek Mill in prison after the #FreeMeekMill movement .  All this and more on #SocietyNow!

049: Black Panther Highest Grossing Superhero Film, Bill Cosby Retrial, Meet Melissa Harville

In this episode 49, we welcome guests Dannie Kelly (@dannieckelly) and TréVoy Kelly (@trevoykellyphotography) to this week’s SocietyNow. We dive into the blockbuster hit Black Panther being the highest grossing Superhero film. We also breakdown the retrial of  Bill Cosby for sexual assault charges. Plus, we talk about Melissa Harvil, the first Black woman to own a NASCAR team. All this and more on #SocietyNow!

048: Black Teen Gets Full Ride to 20 Colleges, The Soulcial Butterfly Agency, Women with Natural Hair Have Low Self-Esteem

In this episode 48, we welcome Stefani Farris (@thesoulcialbutterflyagency) to another informative show on SocietNow! We discuss her successful company Soulcial Butterfly Agency (http://www.thesoulcialbutterflyagency.com/)  We also dive into a Houston black teen getting 20 college admittance letters to the best universities and getting full ride scholarships. Plus, we breakdown the study conducted that show woman who have natural hair have low self-esteem. All this and more on #SocietyNow!

047: Austin Bombing Confession, Michelle Obama’s Portrait is Moved, March for our Lives

In this episode 47, we welcome Carin Pinto (@caringabrielle) to discuss the latest news on SocietyNow! We dive into police saying the man linked to the deadly bombings in  Austin, Texas, and surrounding areas recorded a 25-minute-long "confession" to his crimes. We also breakdown the  stunning portrait of former first lady Michelle Obama at the Smithsonian being relocated to the third floor to accommodate the droves of people coming to see it. Plus, we discuss the survivors of the deadly shooting rampage at  Parkland, Florida high school are set to lead thousands to Washington, DC to “March for Our Lives” for stricter gun control law in the nation. All this and more on #SocietyNow!

045: Texas Trooper Faces Perjury Charge, Smiths Help Flint, Obamas on Netflix

In episode 45, we welcome Terrance Bolton (@terrancebolton80) to the table on SocietyNow! We dive into Texas trooper who arrested Sandra Bland faces perjury charge. We also breakdown how Will and Jaden Smith have helped Flint schools. Plus, we discuss the Obamas producing  an original series with Netflix. All of this and more on #SocietyNOW!