028: Birdman's makeover, Trumps stance against all things Obama, NFL Owner’s Stance on Kaepernick

In episode 28, we give you the key news that’s happening in our society now. We discuss  Birdman’s decision to remove his facial tattoos and what that really says to the hiphop culture. We also take an in-depth look into Trump’s stance on repealing any legislation President Obama put forward. Plus, one NFL owner has some choice words for Colin Kaepernick. All of this and more on #SocietyNOW! 

027: Harry Weinstein fired, Maxine Waters For President?, San Juan Mayor Slams Trump

In episode 27, we bring you insight into this week’s news that affects our society NOW. We dive into the Harry Weinstein debacle and sexual assault allegations that has led to him being fired. We also discuss the idea of Maxine Waters being poised by millennials to run from the presidency. Plus, Puerto Rico’s mayor slams Donald Trump. All of this and more on #SocietyNOW!

026: Special Guest Velma Trayham, Houston’s Black Heritage Festival, Puerto Rico Devastation

In episode 26, we welcome guest host Velma Trayham (@velma_trayham) to discuss her journey as an entrepreneur including the trials and tribulations that she has encountered. We also breakdown her role in this year’s Black Heritage Festival and it’s growth here in Houston. Plus, we take time to look at the aftermath of Hurricane Irma and it’s destruction of the beautiful Caribbean islands including the US territory of Puerto Rico. All of this and more on #SocietyNOW!

025: Trump Attacks the NFL and NBA, St. Louis White Allies Only Rally, Cardi B’s No 1 Spot

In episode 25, we breakdown the news that is happening in our society now. We look at the heat Trump is taking by igniting the conversation surrounding the NFL and NBA. We also discuss the “white allies only” rally that happened at St. Louis to support Black Lives Matter. Plus, Cardi B has clinched Billboard’s 1st place on their top 100 list. All of this and more on #SocietyNOW! 

023: Texas Driving and Texting Ban, Steve Harvey’s Big Regret, Hurricane Harvey Lawsuits

In episode 23, we welcome back Kalan Laws (@SenorGuapo713) to discuss things happening in our Society NOW. We discuss the new texting while driving ban that has went into effect in Texas. We also look at Steve Harvey’s big regret in meeting with Donald trump during the election. Plus, lawsuits are currently being filed for the artificial flooding from Hurricane Harvey. All of this and more on #SocietyNOW! 

022: Hurricane Harvey: The Storm, Aftermath, and Recovery

In episode 22, we discuss the tragic natural disaster in Houston, Texas named Hurricane Harvey. We take a look at the storm’s impact on a city that is comprised of 4 million people. We also look at the aftermath and devastation that has been laid upon the neighborhoods and surrounding communities. Plus, we deliver insightful information about recovery efforts and relief available for those impacted. All of this and more on #SocietyNOW!

021: NFL Protest Color Barrier, Jay-Z’s #RapRadar Interview, $3M Charlottesville Protest Lawsuit

In episode 21, we break down the things happening in our Society NOW. We discuss NFL players destroying the color barrier with the current protest. We also take a look at the nuggets dropped by Jay-Z during his recent interview on the Rap Radar podcast. Plus, the creators of the Charlottesville white nationalist protest are being sued for $3M.   All of this and more on #SocietyNOW! 

019: Queen Latifah’s The Scroll Project, Fox’s Nude Photos, Kamala Harris 2020

In episode 19, we take a look at things that are impacting our Society NOW. We discuss Queen Latifah’s latest project called The Scroll, that focuses on biblical principles. We also discuss nude photos floating around internally at Fox. Plus, rumors are heating up surrounding Kamala Harris and a potential 2020 Presidential run.    All of this and more on #SocietyNOW! 

018: Amazon’s Black America, Beyoncé’s Interest in Houston Rockets, Police Officer’s Racist Post

In episode 18, we dive into the good, bad, and ugly surrounding our society NOW. We look at Amazon’s move to produce a show called “Black America” and the racist backlash from parts of the American public. We also discuss Beyonce’s rumoured desire to purchase a stake in the Houston Rockets. Plus, a police officer is forced to resign after sharing a racists post on social media.  All of this and more on #SocietyNOW! 

016: Tyler Perry leaves OWN, Airbnb Sued, R. Kelly Sex Cult

In episode 16, we take a look at the bombshell information that is hitting the media world; Tyler Perry is leaving the OWN network. We also discuss the controversy surrounding R. Kelly and his alleged sex cult. Plus, the owner of AirBnB is busy fighting off lawsuits.  All of this and more on #SocietyNOW! 

015: Venus Exonerated, Slave vs Mistress, Delta’s Racial Passenger Removal

In episode 15, we dive deep into the news that’s surrounding our society now. We take a look at the exonerated outcome of Venus Williams and the Florida police’s quick jump to conclusion that has been refuted by TMZ video. We also discuss the true nature of Thomas Jefferson’s slave (not mistress), Sally Hemings. Plus, Delta called the police on an African American caseworker escorting a European American child to her father.  All of this and more on #SocietyNOW! 

014: Jay-Z’s 4:44 Goes Platinum, The Russia Scandal, Poverty State of Mind

In episode 14, we dive deep into the news that pertains to our society now. We take a look at Jay-Z’s 4:44 album that has gone platinum within a week. We also discuss the depth and newly uncovered information regarding the Russia scandal with the 45th President. Plus, Ben Carson has some deep words about a poverty state of mind. All of this and more on #SocietyNOW! 

013: Amazing Amazon, Walking While Black, Parents Sue Mississippi

In episode 13, we welcome Garry Lee (@GHawkinz) to help bring forward the things happening in our society now. We discuss Amazon’s amazing growth and what their purchase of Whole Foods could mean for grocery shopping. We also see the destructive aftermath of “walking while black”. Plus, parents are suing the state of Mississippi for better education. All of this and more on #SocietyNOW! 

012: Blame Bill, Alt-Right Delete, Minnesota Madness

In episode 12, we discuss some of the exciting news that’s happening in society NOW. We take a look at the backlash that Bill Cosby is getting after the case mistrial. We also discuss a southern baptist church’s movement against the alt-right movement. Plus, Minnesota is in complete madness after the verdict of the Philando Castile trial. All of this and more on #SocietyNOW! 

011: Virginia GOP Shooting, London Fire, White Privilege Dinner

In episode 11, we welcome guest host Bianca Harris (@SpeaksExperience) to discuss things that are occurring in our Society NOW. We take a look at the tragic shooting that occurred in Virginia during a GoP baseball game. We also look at the horrific fire that happened in a public London highrise. Plus, Caitlyn Jenner is “gathered” during dinner by Amanda Seales over white privilege.  All of this and more on #SocietyNOW! 

010: Obamacare Issues, The N-Word Again, Work from Home

In episode 10, we take a look at the issues that are happening in our society NOW.  We look at the upcoming and blaring issues surrounding the replacement of Obamacare. We breakdown the offensiveness of the N-word being used by Bill Maher and it being spray-painted on Lebron James’s home.  All of this and more on #SocietyNOW!