soXial chiX


soXial chiX was created by founders Shi & Kiki as a platform to empower, encourage and uplift women by discussing issues that directly affect them and other women. Both founders believed that creating an open dialogue would help women open up about topics often viewed as taboo and also help each other as many women have been through similar experiences. Kiki & Shi also noticed a woman’s worth seemed to be devalued and often negatively portrayed in the media and decided to make a difference, and what better starting point than with the name. Being soXial encompasses more than just enjoying a night out on the town. Their definition of soXial includes creating and maintaining a sisterhood with women whether the atmosphere is public or intimate. chiX is a way to embrace women and let the world know exactly who they are. The double X’s in the name soXial chiX represent the female chromosome and the power that women have from conception. And with that, soXial chiX was established.

Initially soXial chiX began reaching women through their online radio but soon after decided to take the brand a bit further and created a YouTube channel. Being able to visually see Kiki’s cool and laid back California style and Shi’s southern charm and big personality created an even bigger audience for the chiX who then decided to take their brand even further by organizing and hosting events specifically for women.

With successful events now under their belt, soXial chiX continue to accomplish their goal of encouraging and boosting women to sustain healthy bonds with other women. soXial chiX are excited to give their honest opinions on trending issues and topics straight from a women’s perspective on the show Hashtag. 


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