047: The Towel TOM with Bradford Deyon

In episode 47, we welcome inventor Bradford Deyon to discuss the patented Towel TOM (http://www.toweltom.com). We venture back to the 80s when the idea first spread roots and moved forward out of calamity and a need. We also get a firm understanding of the manufacturing, business, and strategic processes required to bring inventions life. Plus, we look at how the Towel TOM is only the beginning for this savvy inventor. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!

046: Elevating Women Empowerment Group with Tracee Seals

In episode 46, we welcome the founder of Elevating Women Empowerment Group, Ms. Tracee Seals (@TraceeSpeaks) to dive deep into her entrepreneurial journey. We look at the different learning opportunities she took advantage of and the ability to leverage her education. We also discuss her partnership in elevating female business owners to that next level with a turnkey approach. Plus, we get a chance to peek into a potential franchisement in the making. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!

045: LaMorne Enterprises with Tracie L. James

In episode 45, we welcome founder and CEO of LaMorne Enterprises, Ms. Tracie L. James (@iAmTracieLJames). We dive deep into the humble beginnings and learning opportunities that lead to the global mindset she now possesses. We get a firm idea of how the entrepreneurial journey has cultivated her actions to publish her book and take businesses to the next level by shedding the excuses. Plus, we get a glimpse of the TL James legacy plan that will blow you away.   All of this and more on #StartupMasters!

044: Replenish Cryo and Recovery with Andre Gafford

In episode 44, we welcome Andre Gafford of Replenish Cryo and Recovery (http://replenishcryo.com/) to dive deep into the world of muscle and body recovery. We discuss some of the intricate ways of financing the business along with handling suppliers and vendors. We also look at the power of clientele and building the experience they want. Plus, we get a sense of what franchising a company like this could mean for the business as a whole. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!

043: Revolve Pole Studio with Yasmeen Rana and Jacqueline Santos

In episode 43, we welcome Yasmeen Rana and Jacqueline Santos, owners of Revolve Pole Studio (www.revolvepole.com). We discuss the fearless start of the business as well as some of the immediate obstacles and life-lessons they faced. We also look at how the business has empowered, elevated, and enlightened it’s customers to face their fears and insecurities. Plus, we get a glimpse at how Revolve Pole Studios may be popping up at other places fairly soon.  All of this and more on #StartupMasters!

042: Psychology and More with Dr. Obari Cartman

In episode 42, we welcome psychologist and author Dr. Obari Cartman (ocartman1@gmail.com) to discuss his journey into psychology and what lead him to become the author of “Lady’s Man: Conversations for Young Black Men about Manhood and Relationships.” We get a sense of importance for community and how it has impacted Dr. Cartman’s life. Plus, we discuss his plans for the future to touch the lives of children across the globe. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!

041: The Houston Housewives of Finance with LaShonda Johnson

In episode 41, we welcome the founder of the Houston Housewives of Finance, Lashonda Johnson (https://www.facebook.com/hhofinance/). We dive deep into the importance of finance, building your financial foundation, and multiple ways to protect it. We also get insight into the struggles of breaking into an industry that is dominated by the opposite sex and some of the key moments that helped define the business. Plus, we get a glimpse of what we can expect from the Houston Housewives of Finance and their growing entities all across the globe. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!

040: Fitness and Music Inc. with Rickey Getwood Jr.

In episode 40, we welcome the creator of Fitness and Music Inc., Mr. Rickey Getwood Jr (@rickey_paul_getwood). We dive deep into his past; growing to over 360lbs while being on the brink of depression and physical ailments. We also look at his passion surrounding music and the infusion of it into his fitness routine. Plus, his energy and happiness takes his brand to the next level.  All of this and more on #StartupMasters!

039: Entrepreneur and Radio Show Host Dr. Dawn

In episode 39, we welcome entrepreneur and host of the Dr. Dawn Radio Show, Dawn Paul (https://www.facebook.com/TheDrDawn). We dive into her background and early desires of working in media as she maintained her 9-to-5 and aspirations for more. We also give valuable insight to the power of setting a standard of excellence in the beginning of your career and how it can pay off in the long run. Plus, we get a glimpse of the worldwide Dr. Dawn takeover. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!

038: The Connection Enthusiast Michelle Ngome

In episode 38, we welcome the connection enthusiast Michelle Ngome (www.michellengome.com) to dive deep into the life of an entrepreneur. We discuss the humble beginnings, hurdles,  and mistakes made along the journey of entrepreneurship. We also breakdown the financial aspect of operating a business and some of the key things to remember. Plus, Michelle shares some of her “secret sauce” that helps keep everything running efficiently and effectively. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!

037: Venuelyst with Bryan Miller

In episode 37, we welcome guest host Bryan Miller, founder of Venuelyst (www.venuelyst.com) to discuss his journey as a tech startup entreprenuer. We dive into some of the trials and tribulations of a startup and how to pivot around them. We also go into detail on the importance of sowing into self and how that can save you time and money. Plus, we get a glimpse of what’s ahead from this new tech startup.   All of this and more on #StartupMasters!

036: Smile Design Studios with Dr. Simone Ellis

In episode 36, we welcome The Sphere’s own Dr. Simone Ellis of Smile Design Studios (www.sdshouston.com) to talk about the building of her entrepreneurial empire. We discuss the close calls during the beginning of her business and how she overcame the obstacles in her path. We also dive deep into self-care and sowing back into the business with gaining knowledge, insight, and a sound plan. Plus, we talk about the tip of the iceberg that the dental practice has become with the other aspirational accomplishments around the corner.   All of this and more on #StartupMasters!

035: Height of Hope Home Care with Enit Mejia

In episode 35, we welcome guest host Enit Mejia with Height of Hope Home Care (www.heightofhopecare.com) to discuss her journey through entrepreneurship. We look at the early stages of her business and how family sowed into her ideas and dreams. We also breakdown the rough patches and pivots that lead to documentation, processes, and an overall air of excellences. Plus, we look at the future empire that Enit is setting the foundation for.  All of this and more on #StartupMasters!

034: #DreKickBack with Reginald Davis and Andre Carron

In episode 34, we welcome Reginald Davis and Andre Carron of #DreKickBack (@DreKickBack) to discuss their journey into network mixing and collaborative events. We look at the humble beginnings of the group as a local house party that gained traction and notoriety. Also, we breakdown the driving factor that inspires these young men to continue to push the envelope of networking as well as their future global endeavors. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!

033: The ORG Boss with Shavonda Scroggins

In episode 33, we welcome Shavonda Scroggins, founder of The ORG Boss (www.theorgboss.com) to discuss her passion and entrepreneurial pursuit into residential and commercial organization.  ‘V’ shares valuable insight on the purpose, inspiration, and driving force behind taking The ORG Boss to the next level and what it means to be customer-service oriented. Plus, we get a glimpse of the upcoming future of her world-wide operation. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!

032: Visceral Vow with Keven Giles

In episode 32, we welcome Keven Giles with Visceral Vow (www.visceralvow.com) to discuss his road to entrepreneurship. We take a trip back in time when the company was started and how his wedding shoots have become more granular and efficient over time. We also discuss the level of passion and dedication Keven puts into his shoots that make them stand out from the competition. Plus, we give a teaser on some of the future perks that will only be found at Visceral Vow. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!

031: Dreams Bigger Than Texas with Rahkal C. Shelton

In episode 31, we welcome author Rahkal C. D. Shelton to discuss her debut book Dreams Bigger Than Texas (www.dreamsbiggerthantexas.com) and the journey to its creation. We look at the obstacles and roadblocks that Rahkal had to maneuver and some of the key principles that helped her along the way. We also get a glimpse at just how much work is going on behind the scenes to take Rahkal to the next level. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!

030: Phalanx Financial Solutions Group with Eddie Stallworth

In episode 30, we welcome Eddie Stallworth of Phalanx Financial Solutions Group, LLC (@phalanxFSG)  to drop gems on the importance of a financial foundation and how he built his empire. We give numerous nuggets of business owner based information throughout the show including learning to fail and the importance of starting where the generation before you left off. Plus, we discuss his dominance across the globe in the next 10 years. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!

029: Queen Lyfe Inc. with Candace Strother

In episode 29, we welcome Candace Strother of Queen Lyfe Inc. (@QueenLyfe1) to share her journey of entrepreneurship with us. We look at the creation of Queen Lyfe from it’s infancy and adjustment periods as structure became increasingly important. We also discuss the spiritual guidance that has lead the company to create multiple pillars of empowerment. Plus, Lyfe Festivals are just around the corner. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!

028: The Catapult Leadership Group with Jason Montanez

In episode 28, we welcome guest host Jason Montanez with The Catapult Leadership Group to discuss his empowerment business as well as his book “Lead Sell Care as Easy as 1 2 3” (www.leadsellcare.com). We dive deep into what lead Jason to craft this business along with the work ethic put in to deliver an inspiring book. Plus, we take a look at his future outlook that’s moving his business to the next level.  All of this and more on #StartupMasters!