097: The Eminem AR Show, Amazon's 100 Million Prime Subscribers, New Facebook Privacy Laws

In episode 97, we give you the latest in tech news here on Technocrats! We dive into the debut of Eminem’s  Augmented app at Coachella. We breakdown Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos reveals the company has reached 100 million subscribers. Plus, we discuss Facebook has changed its terms of service, which excludes billions of members from European privacy laws. This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats!

096: Facebook: Apple's Original TV Shows, Google GMail Overhaul, Facebook Scandal: Part Deux

In episode 96, we bring you yet another informative and entertaining show on Technocrats! We breakdown Apple turning one of the most iconic sci-fi franchise  Isaac Asimov’s seminal Foundation into a TV show. We dive into Google’s Gmail getting a new makeover. Plus, we discuss Facebook’s CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg being questioned by members of Congress on its role in Cambridge Analytica, a UK-based political data firm that improperly accessed data on 87 million people. This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats!

095: Facebook Scandal, GoPro deal, Oculus Go

In episode 95, we welcome back Jennifer Hockless (jhockless@hotmail.com) to another jam packed show on Technocrats! We dive into Facebook is facing international investigations into the illicit harvesting of users' personal data. We also breakdown GoPro signing a  deal to put its camera lenses and sensors in third-party products. Plus, we discuss the virtual reality device Oculus Go release date and features. This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats!

094: Facebook: iOS 12, Texas Ride-Sharing Service, Walmart Farm Drones Coming

In episode 94, we welcome Jennifer Hockless (jhockless@hotmail.com) to this fun filled show on Technocrats! We breakdown what to expect  with Facebook: iOS 12 coming down the pipe. We also dive into the Texas ride-sharing service that is replacing busses in Arlington, Plus, we discuss how Walmart patents hint at a future where its drones tend the farms. This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats!

090: Hyperloop Feasibility Tests, Facebook Goes Analog to Verify Ads, Technology at The Olympics

In episode 90, we continue to deliver the latest in technology that surrounds our Technocrats! We discuss the feasibility testing that’s occurring in Ohio with new Hyperloop buildout scheduled to run from Chicago to Cleveland. We also breakdown Facebook’s decision to go analog with postcard verification for advertisers during the elections. Plus, we take a look at the latest technology to hit the Olympics in 2018.  This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats!

086: Amazon Go Cashier-less Stores, Netflix Crosses 100M Subscribers, Microsoft Chromebook Alternatives

In episode 86, we continue down the road paved in technology on Technocrats! We breakdown the new Amazon GO store now open to customers and its cashier-less payment system. We also discuss Netflix crossing 100M customers and 100B market cap and how this Titan is continuing to move in the streaming space. Plus, Microsoft has deployed its new Chromebook contenders, which may change how our kids are taught in the future.  This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

085: CES 2018, India's Laser-Delivered Internet, BitCoin and Blockchain Job Creation

In episode 85, we welcome you back to 2018 with another round of Technocrats! We start with India’s new laser-delivered internet via the Alphabet subsidiary ‘X’ and how this could change telecommunications forever. We also discuss some of the best things to come from CES 2018 this year. Plus, we look at some new jobs that could be coming down the pipe in the area of bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain tech. This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

084: The Best in Tech of 2017

In episode 84, we give you the best in technology for 2017! We breakdown some of the biggest tech giants, including Apple, Microsoft, and others! We also look at the products released this year that took us to a new level in technology. This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

083: Apple Slowing Down iPhones, Magic Leap AR Goggles, Facebook Music Deal

In episode 83, we give you the latest in technology from the guys at Technocrats. We discuss Apple slowing down iPhones to conserve battery degradation. We also take a look Magic Leaps’ long-awaited release of their AR goggles. Plus, Facebook has a new music deal up it’s sleeve. This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

081: Drones Causing Havoc in California Fires, Bitcoin hits $16K, Facebook's VR Homes for Subscribers

In episode 81, we come back with the latest in greatest surrounding the world of technology! We discuss the havoc and mayhem happening in California with the fires spreading and the drones that are adding to the madness. We also check up on Bitcoin, which has recently surpassed the $16K mark. Plus, Facebook’s virtual reality homes are coming online very shortly for all of it’s Oculus rift owners. This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

080: Tesla’s Semi and Roadster Prices, West African 3D Printer, Bond SMART Homes

In episode 80, we discuss the latest in technology to empower the masses. We take a look at the price point and ranges on the Tesla semi and their new roadster. We also discuss the importance of West Africa’s 3D printer creation and what that could mean for the continent. Plus, Bond has created a smart home device to connect all of your non-smart appliances. This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

079: Tesla Semi Truck, OnePlus 5T Android, CVS Nationwide Outage

In episode 79, we give you all of the highlights surrounding the world of tech! We start by discussing Tesla’s move into the semi truck business and what that means for the shipping, oil, and delivery business moving forward. We also take a look at the new OnePlus 5T handset delivered today! Plus, CVS has had a nationwide system outage and we’ve speculated as to why.  This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.