086: Amazon Go Cashier-less Stores, Netflix Crosses 100M Subscribers, Microsoft Chromebook Alternatives

In episode 86, we continue down the road paved in technology on Technocrats! We breakdown the new Amazon GO store now open to customers and its cashier-less payment system. We also discuss Netflix crossing 100M customers and 100B market cap and how this Titan is continuing to move in the streaming space. Plus, Microsoft has deployed its new Chromebook contenders, which may change how our kids are taught in the future.  This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

085: CES 2018, India's Laser-Delivered Internet, BitCoin and Blockchain Job Creation

In episode 85, we welcome you back to 2018 with another round of Technocrats! We start with India’s new laser-delivered internet via the Alphabet subsidiary ‘X’ and how this could change telecommunications forever. We also discuss some of the best things to come from CES 2018 this year. Plus, we look at some new jobs that could be coming down the pipe in the area of bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain tech. This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

084: The Best in Tech of 2017

In episode 84, we give you the best in technology for 2017! We breakdown some of the biggest tech giants, including Apple, Microsoft, and others! We also look at the products released this year that took us to a new level in technology. This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

083: Apple Slowing Down iPhones, Magic Leap AR Goggles, Facebook Music Deal

In episode 83, we give you the latest in technology from the guys at Technocrats. We discuss Apple slowing down iPhones to conserve battery degradation. We also take a look Magic Leaps’ long-awaited release of their AR goggles. Plus, Facebook has a new music deal up it’s sleeve. This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

081: Drones Causing Havoc in California Fires, Bitcoin hits $16K, Facebook's VR Homes for Subscribers

In episode 81, we come back with the latest in greatest surrounding the world of technology! We discuss the havoc and mayhem happening in California with the fires spreading and the drones that are adding to the madness. We also check up on Bitcoin, which has recently surpassed the $16K mark. Plus, Facebook’s virtual reality homes are coming online very shortly for all of it’s Oculus rift owners. This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

080: Tesla’s Semi and Roadster Prices, West African 3D Printer, Bond SMART Homes

In episode 80, we discuss the latest in technology to empower the masses. We take a look at the price point and ranges on the Tesla semi and their new roadster. We also discuss the importance of West Africa’s 3D printer creation and what that could mean for the continent. Plus, Bond has created a smart home device to connect all of your non-smart appliances. This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

079: Tesla Semi Truck, OnePlus 5T Android, CVS Nationwide Outage

In episode 79, we give you all of the highlights surrounding the world of tech! We start by discussing Tesla’s move into the semi truck business and what that means for the shipping, oil, and delivery business moving forward. We also take a look at the new OnePlus 5T handset delivered today! Plus, CVS has had a nationwide system outage and we’ve speculated as to why.  This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

078: iPhone X Bugs, AT&T Time Warner Merger Coming, Facebook Wants Your Nudes

In episode 78, we discuss all the things happening in the digital space of the Technocrats! We take a look at the continued bugs plaguing iOS 11 and new iPhone X users. We also discuss the Time Warner/AT&T merger that the Department of Justice has put stipulations on. Plus, it appears that Facebook wants your nudes. This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

077: Tesla’s Bad Week, August’s Third-generation Smart Lock, Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update

In episode 77, we bring you all the latest news surrounding the digital world of technocrats! We dive into the bad week Tesla is having with the massive layoffs, racists images at factories, and more. We also discuss the latest smart lock from August and a quick comparison of what other companies have to offer. Plus, we hit you with a little “101” on some of the new offerings from the Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update.  This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

076: All Things Google 2017

In episode 76, we discuss all things Google from their latest press event. We take a look at the new Android flagship from Google; The Pixel 2. We also discuss the Google Ear Buds, and their multi-lineup of home speakers. Plus, Google has updated their chromebook lineup with the Google Pixelbook and stylus.  This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

075: Roku IPO, Amazon Echo Dot, Uber Banned from London

In episode 75, we dive back into technology that is powering our culture today. We take a look at the IPO from Roku that has the company valued at around 2 billion dollars. We also see that vacuum maker Dyson is interested in getting into the electric car game. Amazon has released their new Echo Dot.  Plus, Uber has found itself banned from the taxi-rich city of London. This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

074: Russian Techbots, Ford Hololens AR Car Development, Asus Zenfone 4

In episode 74, we continue to deliver the ins and outs of technology to empower the digital you. We discuss the Russian techbots and the increasing investigations into the roles played by our social media companies. We also look at Ford’s partnership with Microsoft Hololens to aid in their future car development with the help of augmented reality (AR). Plus, Asus has released their mid-range Zenfone 4 to attract the less expensive buyer.  This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

073: iPhone X, Apple TV 4K, Apple Watch Series 3 LTE

In episode 73, we breakdown all of the new gadgets released by Apple at their September 12th 2017 event. We take a look at the newly developed iPhone X that features wireless charging and a full screen with no home button. We also discuss the refreshed Apple TV that is now capable of delivering 4K content. Plus, the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE is ready to go untethered from an iPhone. This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

071: Autonomous Taxis, Android O is Here, Facebook's YouTube Competitor

In episode 71, we bring you all of the tech happening around us as technocrats! We discuss the push of autonomous taxis from the chipmaker Nvidia’s  perspective. We also give a breakdown of the new features of Android O that has now officially launched from Google. Plus, Facebook is building a YouTube competitor called Watch, which may be more financially beneficial for content creators. This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

070: Xbox One X Pre-Order, Apple Watch 3 LTE, Largest Super Telescope

In episode 70, we dive into this week’s technology and break it down just for you. We take a look at the potential Xbox One X pre-order date that’s right around the corner. We also discuss the Apple Watch 3 and whether LTE is a promising benefit. Plus, Chile is building the largest super telescope in the world. This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.