070: Xbox One X Pre-Order, Apple Watch 3 LTE, Largest Super Telescope

In episode 70, we dive into this week’s technology and break it down just for you. We take a look at the potential Xbox One X pre-order date that’s right around the corner. We also discuss the Apple Watch 3 and whether LTE is a promising benefit. Plus, Chile is building the largest super telescope in the world. This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

069: Google's Faster Internet, Mark Cuban's AI Revolution, Windows 10 Support Until 2025

In episode 69, we discuss the latest in technology that’s surrounding technocrats today. We start with Google’s faster internet plans to handle the growing need for speedy IoT devices. We also discuss Mark Cuban’s fears of what artificial intelligence (AI) will do to the working middle class. Plus, Windows 10 support may be lasting longer than you think. This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

068: Tesla Model 3 Deliveries, Apple AR Confirmed, Microsoft High Speed Internet

In episode 68, we hop into the latest technology here on Technocrats. We discuss the final release of Tesla’s Model 3 and how it is poised to change the automotive industry forever. We also take a look at Apple’s augmented reality patents for their upcoming Apple Glasses. Plus, Microsoft is looking to bring high speed internet to rural areas.  This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

067: Google Glass 2.0, Facebook VR, AT&T Edge Computing

In episode 67, we dive deep into today’s technology that surround us. We start with the resurgence of Google Glass (2.0) being focused towards enterprise and business use. We also discuss Facebook’s continued push into VR with Facebook Spaces live streaming. Plus, AT&T is considering edge computing to assist with the upcoming AR and VR push. This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

066: Hyperloop Coming to NYC-Philly-DC, Artificial Intelligence Risks, AT&T Cloud DVR

In episode 66, we bring you the exciting news that Hyperloop One has begun full-size pod speed tests, and that Elon Musk has gotten verbal approval to bring the Hyperloop to the east coast with a planned transit of NYC - Philly - Baltimore - DC. Also, we discuss the risks associated with Artificial Intelligence. Plus, AT&T has finally decided to unveil a CloudDVR for their DirecTV Now service.  This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

063: Ransomware Attacks, Facebook Hits 2B Users, iOS 11 Beta Out

In episode 63, we welcome back guest host Mac Conwell (@MacConwell) to discuss the startup funding that he is heading up in Maryland. We also discuss the latest ransomware attacks that’s happening across the country and world. Facebook has hit 2B users, which could be a potential safety concern. Plus, iOS 11 Beta is out for use.  This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

061: E3 2017, XBOX One X, The Cord Cutting Battle

In episode 61, we discuss the latest that came from E3 2017. This included several different video game title releases, and the long-awaited view of the Xbox One X. We also discuss the latest in VR from HTC Vive and Intel called the Wigig. Plus, we give the latest update on the cord cutting battle. This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

060: WWDC 2017, Apple AR, eSports NBA Deal Confirmed

In episode 60, we welcome guest host Derek Watford of High Point Gamer (@highpointgamer) to dive deep into the technological void. We discuss the latest from Apple’s WWDC 2017. With that, we discuss AR gaming and the demo Apple showcased during the event. Plus, we breakdown the recent deal between eSports and the NBA that may catapult eSports in the US.  This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

059: Apple Buys Beddites, Top Fitness Smartwear, Glucose Sensing Technology

In episode 59, we welcome guest host Aaron Dabney (@DibbyDabbs) to discuss the merging lines of fitness and technology. We take a look at Apple’s latest acquisition of Beddites. We also discuss the top fitness smartwear and calorie trackers. Plus, a big name in town is working on tracking your glucose levels without taking blood.  This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

058: T-Mobile Digits, OnePlus 5 Rumors, Facebook Getting Original Content

In episode 58, we give you the latest in technology-based news! We take a look at a new feature coming from T-Mobile called Digits, which allows you to have one phone number that lives on multiple devices and platforms. We also discuss the OnePlus 5 rumors that suggest a summer 2017 release date. Plus, Facebook is getting original video content.  This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

057: Google I/O 2017, Google Lens AI, Android O

In episode 57, we discuss All Things Google! We take a look at the latest offerings coming from Google I/O 2017. We also talk about the new Google Lens that will change cameras forever. Plus, we speak on the latest features in Android O. This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

056: Amazon Echo Show, Apple Siri Speaker, HP Cortona Speaker

In episode 56, we welcome guest host Rodney Goff, founder of Goff Solutions (www.goffsolutions.com) to discuss the latest technology that’s coming down the pipeline. We take a look at Amazon’s newest product release, the Echo Show. We also discuss the rumours surrounding Apple and the release of it’s own siri-based speaker. Plus, Cortona may be coming to a home near you. This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

054: Facebook and The Future

In episode 54, we talk about Facebook and its push towards 2026. We look at their investment into skin-hearing technology and brain-computer manipulation. We also talk about the AR implementations that are coming to the Facebook camera. Plus, Facebook Spaces is around the corner. This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

053: Facebook Live Patrol, Apple Car Rumors, Tesla Pickup and Semi Trucks

In episode 53, we take a look at the recent murders on Facebook and ask the question of whether Facebook will begin to patrol (or remove) their “Live” feature. We also watch the rumor mill heat back up with talks of Apple creating an automotive vehicle. Plus, Tesla is moving into pickup and semi-trucks as their inventory continues to increase. This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.

051: Youtube TV, Xbox Scorpion Details, Xfinity Mobile

In episode 51, we dive deep into the newest cord-cutting contender; YouTube TV. We also give you details on Xfinity’s mobile phone service that will be utilizing Verizon’s platform. Plus, Xbox has dropped some details on it’s latest console, codename: Scorpion.  This and a whole lot more on #Technocrats.