About Us

The Sphere is one of the largest independent podcast networks in Houston, Texas that is designed for those seeking empowerment through visual and audible content. We are powered by like-minded individuals with a passion for thought-provoking conversations aimed at the betterment of your life. 

Each and every week,  The Sphere curates unique, influential, and empowering shows filled with riveting content. The shows on The Sphere focus on topics including art & culture, technology, fashion and beauty, injustices through law, artistry in hip-hop, finance, domestic and world news, and so much more!  

The Sphere was founded in Houston, Texas by Garry Lee in November 2015. He has been in the planning stages for several years of this platform with the focus on diversity in the media, in which the narratives are controlled by those they resemble. Garry's desire and vision is to propel The Sphere with empowering content that's aimed to benefit lives all around the globe. 

Feel free to contact The Sphere via emailtwitter, or any of the social media links below.