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Antonio Radick


Antonio Radick was born and raised in St. Louis MO. A graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia, he always found a love working in the healthcare field. He obtained his pharmacy technician license at the age of 16; he worked in pharmacies throughout his high school and college years. Upon graduation, he worked for different pharmaceutical companies, before starting his career as a healthcare consultant.  Tony traveled around the country designing, building, training, and implementing EMR programs at several major hospital organizations.  His career has allowed him to travel and move to several amazing cities such as, Charlottesville, VA, Baltimore, MD, and Dallas, TX, before settling down in Houston, TX as a Healthcare Director


Throughout his life, Tony has always had a passion for music and hip hop culture. He reminisces listening to bootleg copies of Straight Out of Compton, Regulator’s and No Limit Soldiers. In late 2016 he began learning how to DJ, his college buddies gave him the stage name DJ King T.U.T.  T.U.T dreams of being a DJ took a bit of a detour when his wife of 14 yrs announced they were pregnant with their first child in July of 2017. Prince T.U.T was born on March 16, 2018. With his new addition, it doesn’t allow T.U.T much time to practice his mixing; however he enjoys sharing his love of hip hop music with his son. Prince T.U.T loves to dance around the house to his favorite Bad Boy track Mo money Mo Problems by the Notorious B.I.G. A self-proclaimed battle rap enthusiast, T.U.T loves for all things hip hop and that’s evident in his speech, style, and musical knowledge. T.U.T is excited to take this passion project and make a huge splash in the world of hip hop media in 2019.

Social Media:

Instagram: dj_king_t.u.t

Twitter: DJKingTUT1