Garry Lee


Garry Lee is a native Houstonian that has always had the passion for the latest in technology, a desire to educate, and to experience new sites, sounds, and wonders.

Over the last two decades, Garry has spent time focusing his talents in technology with the creation of Vortex Computer Systems, LLC. The primary focus of the business has been to deliver efficient technology systems to small and medium sized businesses. As such, new relationships and partnerships have been built that have lead to a growth in skill set, morals, and character.

Along the way, Garry has continued to learn more about the world around him through education of the past and present. This lead him to devote time and resources to build The Sphere Podcast Network in hopes of changing the narrative surrounding the African American culture. As growth continued to happen, a decision was made to expand into the podcasting world further by building The Sphere Podcast Studios in Houston, TX. There, along with over 30 hosts, he has successfully delivered more than 1000 episodes of insightful and valuable content to empower people's lives.

When podcasting and information technology are at bay, Garry prefers to travel the world in hopes of broadening his perspectives and rediscovering himself through an ever-changing lens.

Social Media:

Facebook: /GHawkinz

Twitter: @GHawkinz 

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Google+: GHawkinz