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Antonio Radick


Antonio Radick was born and raised in St. Louis MO. A graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia, he always found a love working in the healthcare field. He obtained his pharmacy technician license at the age of 16; he worked in pharmacies throughout his high school and college years. Upon graduation, he worked for different pharmaceutical companies, before starting his career as a healthcare consultant.  Tony traveled around the country designing, building, training, and implementing EMR programs at several major hospital organizations.  His career has allowed him to travel and move to several amazing cities such as, Charlottesville, VA, Baltimore, MD, and Dallas, TX, before settling down in Houston, TX as a Healthcare Director


Throughout his life, Tony has always had a passion for music and hip hop culture. He reminisces listening to bootleg copies of Straight Out of Compton, Regulator’s and No Limit Soldiers. In late 2016 he began learning how to DJ, his college buddies gave him the stage name DJ King T.U.T.  T.U.T dreams of being a DJ took a bit of a detour when his wife of 14 yrs announced they were pregnant with their first child in July of 2017. Prince T.U.T was born on March 16, 2018. With his new addition, it doesn’t allow T.U.T much time to practice his mixing; however he enjoys sharing his love of hip hop music with his son. Prince T.U.T loves to dance around the house to his favorite Bad Boy track Mo money Mo Problems by the Notorious B.I.G. A self-proclaimed battle rap enthusiast, T.U.T loves for all things hip hop and that’s evident in his speech, style, and musical knowledge. T.U.T is excited to take this passion project and make a huge splash in the world of hip hop media in 2019.

Social Media:

Instagram: dj_king_t.u.t

Twitter: DJKingTUT1


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E. Leese

Historian, librarian, lover of community, and major movie nerd are just a few words that sum up what makes E. Leese who she is. From childhood, movies have been a major part of her household growing up. Saturday morning cartoons to mid day Kung Fu marathons, to late night horror flicks, movies and television was a common thread amongst her and her siblings. Introduced to her by her mother, E. Leese was never restricted on what she was allowed to watch or read. Her mother encouraged the imagination to flow and the time to get lost in a great book of visual story.

From the moment she saw The Color Purple, Doctor Who, Poltergeist, and The Omen, she knew she wanted to dig deeper into what made each character tick and how each actor developed their role. This fueled her love for science fiction, mystery, comics, suspense/horrors films. It also brought on the appreciation of great actors and directors and their work.

E. Leese never thought she would have the chance to talk movies and television outside of her circle of family and friends. So when the opportunity came to be a part of a group that shared the same passions that also shared that with the world, she jumped at the chance.

Social Media:

Facbook: E. Leese Main

Instagram: @ELeeseMain



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Ebony Deal


Ebony Deshae Deal, is a native of Beaumont, Texas. From Beaumont to Aggieland, Ebony traveled to College Station, TX, where she harnessed her passion for technology earning not one but two degrees from Texas A&M University. With a Bachelor's in Technology Management and a Master's in Educational Technology, Ebony is shaping the minds of the next generation as an Engineering Teacher at school. Through her Engineering class, she instructs her students on technology applications and all things STEM.

In her personal time, Ebony is all about self-care, self-preservation, and self-love. She enjoys spending time with friends, being the life of the party and dancing until her heart's content. Known as the momma bear of the group, Ebony is also very protective of her friends both in private and in public. She never hesitates to tell you the harsh truth and will even give you a tissue after you have a good cry.

Ebony had a dream of starting a podcast that helps people like her and her friend group. Individuals in that strange adulting stage, navigating life and figuring it out as they go. Through the Honorary Board Members, she has been able to do just that and hopes to inspire everyone else to chase their dreams as well.

Social Media:

Facebook: @EbonyDeal


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Garry Lee


Garry Lee is a native Houstonian that has always had the passion for the latest in technology, a desire to educate, and to experience new sites, sounds, and wonders.

Over the last two decades, Garry has spent time focusing his talents in technology with the creation of Vortex Computer Systems, LLC. The primary focus of the business has been to deliver efficient technology systems to small and medium sized businesses. As such, new relationships and partnerships have been built that have lead to a growth in skill set, morals, and character.

Along the way, Garry has continued to learn more about the world around him through education of the past and present. This lead him to devote time and resources to build The Sphere Podcast Network in hopes of changing the narrative surrounding the African American culture. As growth continued to happen, a decision was made to expand into the podcasting world further by building The Sphere Podcast Studios in Houston, TX. There, along with over 100 hosts, he has successfully delivered more than 4000 episodes of insightful and valuable content to empower people's lives.

When podcasting and information technology are at bay, Garry prefers to travel the world in hopes of broadening his perspectives and rediscovering himself through an ever-changing lens.

Social Media:

Facebook: /GHawkinz

Twitter: @GHawkinz 

Instragram: @GHawkinz

Google+: GHawkinz


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Howard Jerome


One of the earliest movies that shaped Jerome's tastes in film would have to be Fight Club. The psychological game that the movie plays on the viewer- a main character with no name & quick flashes of Tyler Durden foreshadowing the narrator's transition to his alter ego- caused him to break away from mold of main stream summer action flicks. Movies such as Clockwork Orange and Donnie Darko suddenly became more appealing with greater appreciation for character and plot development. Content rich movies took Jerome from a glazed eyed, barely-there-viewer, to an actively engaged analyst and critic. This love for character development and plot spilled over to television mysteries and drama, and even to books.


Social Media:

Instagram: @Howard_Jerome


Janae Strickland-Nunn


Janae Strickland-Nunn is the creator and host of Confessions From A Red Couch podcast and blog. She was born in Missouri but she is DEFINITELY H-town raised. Educator by profession and forever the smart, awkward, sexy nerd. She uses the lessons she has learned in life to help others improve their relationship  and others through humor, sarcasm, and a bit of rambling.


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Jarvis Newsom


The first movie that really made Jarvis pay attention to the the art of film was The Usual Suspects. Once he reached the credits of the movie, the rewind button was pressed and it was viewed two more times consecutively. Aspects and values were analyzed; such as the script, camera angles, and cuts. He realized that these are the things that made a good story great. The show The Wire did much of the same for him that The Usual Suspects did.  Those two entries of visual storytelling inspired a love and passion for the art. Films such as Silence of the Lambs, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Inception, and more added to the passion. Even lighter fare such as RocknRolla (the boom of the comic book movie industry) and Office Space help show the escape possible with film. Now we're in the age where the tv drama is the top value of the small screen. Quality shows like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Power, Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, and more push what we've known to come from the television drama. It can be a great and sometimes frustrating time to be a fan.

Social Media:

Twitter: @ZiggyNumbNuts

Instagram: @ZiggyNumbNuts

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JJ Canon

JJ Canon is founder and CEO of Digital Delight, located in Houston, TX. Digital Delight is a home & business technology design, installation & management firm that has been operating for 20 years. Listening, communication and reliability are three keystones of the company’s success. In 2015, JJ made a business shift that restructured how a technology design firm can be operated by integrating social media to tell stories of their projects & creating a new way of designing technology solutions for their home & business technology users. This new way of thinking challenged traditional technology solutions & marketing, garnering industry attention.

JJ hosts The Why Experience, a weekly socialcast that highlights local figures in the Houston community with exciting, inspirational & positive stories to share. Subscribe, follow & share these websites & socials:

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The Why Experience with JJ Canon

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keo hall


Making up 1/4 of the Honorary Board Members (@_hbmpodcast), Keo Hall is a 27 year old from Houston, Texas. She works as a pediatric registered nurse. Keo obtained her first Bachelor of Science in Health from the Texas A&M University, and went on to study nursing at PV! She enjoys helping her patients through their healing process. Keo plans to dabble into travel nursing to help people near and far, while also exploring the world.

Being apart of a podcast was something she never saw in her journey, but has truly been life changing. Some would describe her as “shy”, but the podcast gives her a chance to be more transparent with her friends and listeners. Since starting the show, her self discovery and self love have increased.

Follow Keo on IG @_keooo to get a glimpse of her nursing life and travel adventures. And don’t forget to follow the girls @_hbmpodcast !!

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Kris Gamble and JJ Canon


Kris & JJ make talking about smart home technology exciting & informative. They share their technology experiences they have encountered and provided for their unique clientele needs. With over 30 years of combined experience designing, installing and managing technology for their client’s, these guys have a story for everything. Tune in to The Digital Ramble Show’s weekly socialcast and engage with us about what tech you have been incorporating or considering. You can reach us directly at Follow, Share & Like! We appreciate your support!


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Youtube:Digital Ramble

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Lisa White


Lisa B. White is a native Houstonian.  She attended Texas Southern University and received a BA in Public Affairs in 1996.  She became a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc in 1995. She received her MA in Behavioral Science in 1999 from the University of Houston (Clear Lake).  She received her real estate license in August of 2001 and worked as a part-time agent until an opportunity presented itself for her work the business on a full-time basis.  She began working real estate on a full time basis in 2004 and has not looked back. She has been blessed to be married to the man of her dreams for 17 years and they have two beautiful daughters named Kendal and Kadence.

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Kristen Moore


One third of #ashtag, the Dallas born and DMV raised Kris Yvette is a lover of all things trap or sophistiratchet. She's a mixture of Issa Rae, green tea, incense, and mess. She’s HBCU made, doing her undergraduate work at Prairie View A&M and graduate studies at Texas Southern and she currently calls Houston her home. Kris is also a proud member of Zeta Phi Beta, Sorority Incorporated and Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Incorporated.

 She loves crawfish, Erykah Badu, anything purple, traveling, Maker’s Mark and randomness. Get your teacup ready; Kris is promoting foolishness, cuttin’ up, served with side of realness.


Social Media:

Instagram: @Cherchez_La_Kris


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LaShonda Johnson


LaShonda Johnson's passion is to educate and empower individuals, families and business owners with the knowledge necessary to confidently manage their finances. In doing so, LaShonda's clients can proactively partner with her to plan for their future. She understands from personal experiences what it’s like to work hard for money, spend it and not understand how to make the money work for her. LaShonda too has saved for years in savings accounts and watched nothing happen. She understands the fears of not knowing how you are going to retire and how to plan for it! Eight years ago LaShonda made a decision to change. She's grateful for her good friends Regina & Jairo Jaramillo for introducing her to Transamerica/WFG. It was here that LaShonda learned how money works and how to properly plan for her future. LaShonda's desire to help others in this pursuit is why she decided to launch a new career as a Certified Financial Educator. She's combined her financial expertise with over 25 years of Corporate and Business experience to help people create a powerful relationship with their finances. Let LaShonda help you save your future.


Social Media:



Facebook: LaShonda Johnson

Linked In: LaShonda Johnson

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Layla E.


Layla E. has had an ongoing, passionate love affair with Hip Hop since the 1990's. Back then, everything was so colorful, fun and played the cool pop sounds of MC Hammer, The Fat Boys and most importantly, they graced the atmosphere with the sounds of one of the coolest trios ever; Run DMC. This early exposure fed her new-found love for the genre and opened the doors for the conscious rap of the 90’s, and the not so conscious rap, that came from the ‘dirty’ south and preached of “backing dat ass up” and having "25 lighters on the dresser (yes sir)".

Hip-Hop, being one of the newest musical genres, as well as quite possibly being the most streamed category, has continually evolved. It is because of this evolution, which is now also spurred on by the global community, that Layla’s desire to be involved with hip-hop, on all levels, is a driving force.

On her free time, Layla E enjoys travelling far and wide. Not only to gain a new perspective on culture, but also hip-hop. She is always discovering new talent and encouraging others to engage with these unique artists. Her goal is to bridge the gap in hip-hop internationally and let the world know who Layla E is.


Social Media:

LinkedIn: in/LaylaE

Instagram: @Layla_E1

Twitter: @Layla_E


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Marcus Griffin


Marcus's love of everything in the world of Movies and TV allowed him to earn the title of Mr. Critic.  Always analyzing and dissecting everything about the components of a film and what them great. At a early age, Marcus realized his love of cinema when he use to spend hours watching various shows and movies with his mother. From after school toonami runs of Dragonball Z, Gundam wing, Naruto and countless shows. To sneaking into more adult films like Blade, The Matrix's and Lord of the Rings just to get a peak at what he was missing out on. The beauty of taking a person's ideas and creating moving art on display for millions to see is the amazing part of cinema.

Over the years, Marcus studied various courses that increased his knowledge about how the movie making process works, but changing his major and graduating from Sam Houston with a degree in Marketing and finance that would pay the bills, but his internal flame for the love of movies continue to burn.

Eventually Marcus decided to go into writing movie reviews on the side that gained Marcus a large following and from that the Fish N Grits podcast was born. Discussing everything in the world of Sports and Entertainment. Fish N Grits was the launching point that got the attention of the Sphere and allowed me to become one of the host of the Intermission podcast under the umbrella of the Sphere Podcast Network. Marcus is just a ordinary comicbook, sports and movies nerd that just wants to share his views and love of cinema to everyone that will listen.

Social Media:

Facebook: Marcus Griffin

Instagram: Marcus Griffin


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Meagan smith


Faith, Family, and Fun are the three words that describe Houston native Meagan Smith. Meagan is driven by love, clothed in strength, and committed to serving others in her lifetime. Meagan is currently fulfilling her purpose through the educational advancement of our youth. She is figuring this thing called life out in her 20s along with her girls of the Honorary Board Members Podcast.


Social Media:

Instagram: @nagaemmeagan

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Miri Crawford 

In the words of boutique owner Miri Crawford creator of Session Boutique, she loves to describe her passion behind styling and the clothes that she hand selects for her inventory: “A boutique owner is more than just pretty clothes, shoes and purses. It is creating a sacred space for women to feel comfortable and confident in who they are while they choose from a selection of clothing that best fits their personality and style. It is choosing transitional pieces to accommodate any woman’s busy schedule.”  

The woman who keeps it CLASSY but still handles business like a BOSS - that is who we are at Session Boutique. We cater to your styling needs and help you to choose those specific clothing pieces that speak to you and illuminate your energy like never before.

Welcome to our world where Class is Always in Session!

Facebook: Session Boutique

Instagram: Sessionboutique_



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NaKeitha Ross

NaKeitha Ross is the owner of 360 Degrees Hair Studio, co-founder of I.C.O.N. Women's Organization (Houston, TX), and global artistic director for McBride Research Laboratories (Decatur, GA). And most recently, she is the curator of The Fearless Female Forum.

In February 2003, combining power and influences with her mother, NaKeitha opened 360 Degrees Hair Studio focusing on branding, effective marketing, and systematic training for new talent. NaKeitha’s innate ability to utilize the talents and gifts of others while empowering them to move beyond their current state.

The year of 2010 was a pivotal moment in NaKeitha’s life as I.C.O.N. Women’s Organization was established with her serving as the non-profit’s CEO and co-founder. With this establishment, Ross has connected and made lasting relationships with corporations, businesses, and individuals alike. I.C.O.N. has served the Greater Houston Area through mentorships with the Star of Hope, YWCA Houston, Project Row Houses, and several others. Her gift of influence and communication paired with her educational background affords her the opportunity mentor and lead others.

Her latest venture of success is The Fearless Female Forum. NaKeitha observed a need amongst women of all demographics and backgrounds to be elevated and empowered to release their fears and unleash their greatness. This forum lead her to The Fearless Female Retreat held in The Woodlands, TX in March 2019 encouraging and guiding women to progress to limitless heights and defy boundaries.

In this role of leadership, NaKeitha is a sought-after lifestyle consultant and philanthropist with tools of expertise and knowledge to cultivate businesses and individuals on journeys of success and empowerment.

Although she enjoys these roles, her most rewarding charge is being a mother to Jada and Jeremy B., as well as, the wife of her high school sweetheart, Jeremy.

dr stacia alexander headshot 2.png


Stacia Alexander, Ph.D. , LPC, is a seasoned Clinician, Author and Speaker. Her experience in capturing an audiences attention centers around her matter-of-fact approach. She uses her knowledge of human behavior to develop and execute programming that engages audiences to fully participate in the task at hand; counseling, speaking, professional development, or corporate training.

Dr. Alexander has executive management skills and has successfully operated a private practice of a diverse group of clinicians since 1998 which has helped over 10,000 people. Positive Influences was locally opened in 2000 and now has locations in two cities.

In the private sector, she has provided corporate training on Ethics, Stress Management, Organizational Development/Time Management, and Accountability in the Workplace. Professionals have lauded her execution of ethics courses as she makes even the most mundane of subject matters come to life.

Social Media:

Twitter: @stacia_pi

Instagram: @drstaciaalexander

Facebook: /drstaciaalexander

Youtube: Dr Stacia Alexander

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Tiffany Noco


Tiffany Noco is a girl with large dreams and a big appetite to fulfill them all! She has her hand in a lot of different pots being a lifestyle blogger, podcast host, and socialite. Her venture into the entertainment world started from a young age and continued on throughout her adult life. She started her blog in 2017 and later meet The Sphere owner Garry where she guest starred on the All Things Beauty podcast and was then after invited on as a permeant host. Tiffany is now the host of The Sphere’s Hashtag.

Tiffany attended Stephen F. Austin State University with a major in international business and later transferred to The University of Houston – Downtown. She aspires to own an online clothing boutique and be the biggest name in radio and tv hosts. She has a very big personality and loves to connect with people from all walks of life. Her inspiration comes from wanting to be in control of her story: she says “You either tell your own story or live in a story someone else tells for you.” Nothing in life in intangible all you have to do is open your mind and believe it.

We can expect to see many more amazing things from Tiffany, she is always welcoming new opportunities and creating some of her own! Check out her blog at and be sure to subscribe to her show Hashtag! 

 Social Media:

 Instagram: @_TiffanyNoCo

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Toni Sanders


Toni Sanders's mission is to teach others how to properly manage money and achieve financial freedom and independence. It is her privilege and honor to show clients the proper steps in building a solid financial house including growth, protection, safety and tax advantages.

Personally, Toni has learned how easy this process can be. As a successful hairstylist and entrepreneur, she knew how to make money and spend it! After being introduced to Transamerica/WFG in October 2014, Toni was intrigued with the idea of having a great retirement plan and ultimately leaving a legacy for her daughter. Having a second chance to build a proper financial foundation was also very exciting. Moreover, Toni realized that she knew people who also needed to learn about money and how to build wealth. In that moment, Toni knew she needed to share the powerful financial education that she learned with individuals, families, and small business owners.


Social Media:



Facebook: Toni Sanders

Linked In: Toni Sanders



Zane Weeks

Zane Weeks is someone who is extremely passionate about a career in the media industry as well as entertainment. As a true Texas native he is very much driven, and strives to continue advancing his career through gaining more experience, whether it be as one of the current hosts on #ashtag, participating in press releases as well as maintaining a YouTube channel to bring new content to his audience. He is extremely extroverted, but introverted as well, meaning he loves to be the center of attention, but only if he literally doesn’t have to say a word. He is a product of the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston completing his undergrad studies in the spring 0f 2018. He currently resides in Houston, TX; Zane is also a proud member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. and is always striving to achieve everything encompassing his goals.

Zane also loves Sushi, hookah, and any variation of the color red. His drink of choice is Grey Goose and whatever you can wash it down with; however if there is no Goose, just bring out the henny

Social Media:

Instagram: @ZaneTaughtMe