093: New lawsuit filed against dancing cosmetic surgeon, Supreme Court rules narrowly for baker who refused to make same-sex wedding cake, Voters Recall Aaron Persky, Who Sentenced Brock Turner.

In episode 93, we bring you another informative show on this week’s InJustice! We discuss another lawsuit has been filed against the dancing cosmetic surgeon by a woman who suffered permanent brain damage following surgery. We also dive into Colorado supreme court ruled in favor of the baker who refused to make a same-sex wedding cake. Plus, we breakdown the  voter recall for California’s Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky, who sentenced Brock Turner a six-month sentence for sexual assault. This and more on #InJustice.

092: Fair housing groups file suit against HUD, Delaware Outlaws Underage Marriage, Georgia School Shooting

In episode 92, we give you another great show on this week’s InJustice! We dive into fair Housing groups file suit against US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for possible violating the  Administrative Procedure Act. We also breakdown Delaware becoming the first state to outlaw underage marriage. Plus, we discuss one killed, two injured in shooting after Georgia high school graduation. This and more on #InJustice.

091: Paroled Felons get right to Vote, Trafficking Victim Cyntoia Brown To Get Clemency Hearing, Black Lives Matter co-founder seeks justice for pregnant mom incarcerated by Stand Your Ground law

In episode 91, we bring you yet another informative legal show on this week’s InJustice! We breakdown New York Governor Andrew Cuomo  signed an executive order to allow paroled felons the right to vote. We also dive into human trafficking victim Cyntoia Brown is granted a clemency hearing. Plus, we discuss Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors seeking justice for pregnant mother  Siwatu-Salama Ra, who is incarcerated by stand your ground law. This and more on #InJustice.

090: Louisiana Senate Approves Abortion Ban, Texas Appeals Revenge Porn Law, Michael Cohen Will Take The Fifth In Stormy Daniels Suit

In episode 90, welcome co-host Christopher Demerson (c.demerson09@gmail.com) and guest Erica Hughes (@hughesforjudge)  on this week’s InJustice! We dive into Louisiana senate approves 15-week abortion ban. We also breakdown Texas appeals court ruling that revenge porn law violates First Amendment.  Plus, we discuss Michael Cohen saying he will take the fifth in the Stormy Daniels defamation lawsuit. This and more on #InJustice.

089: Teen Turns Down 25-Year Plea Deal, Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Hearing, and ACLU Files Federal Lawsuit

In episode 89, we bring you the truth and nothing but the truth on this week’s InJustice! We dive into a teen turns down a 25 year plea deal and gets sentenced 65 years in prison. We breakdown 5 things we learned about Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook hearing. Plus, we discuss ACLU filing a federal lawsuit over Texas’ system. This and more on #InJustice.

088: Baton Rouge Officers Will Not Be Charged In Alton Sterling's Killing, Mississippi felon voting ban subject of federal lawsuit, Trump issues memorandum limiting transgender troops from serving

In episode 88, we bring you another amazing show on InJustice!  We breakdown the reason why the Baton Rouge officers will not be charged in the shooting of Alton Sterling. We also dive into Mississippi’s felon voting ban is the subject of a federal lawsuit citing it is unconstitutional. Plus, we discuss President Trump issuing a memorandum to  to limit transgender troops from serving in the military. This and more on #InJustice.

086: Immigration and Customs Enforcement Sued, Arming School Staff, Work Requirements for Medicaid Recipients

In episode 86, we bring you the latest on this week’s InJustice. We breakdown how Immigration and Customs Enforcement is being sued for detaining immigrant teens. We also dive into how lawmakers fear the arming of school staff could harm African American and Hispanic students. Plus, we discuss the Arkansas governor announcing work requirements for Medicaid recipients. This and more on #InJustice.

083: Illinois To Ban Gay Panic Defense, Supreme Court halts DACA document delivery, Third Travel Ban Injunction

In episode 83, we welcome guest host Kyra Coffey (@acce_law) to  discuss the legal issues in this week’s InJustice! We take a look at the state of Illinois considering to ban the gay panic defense. We also breakdown the Supreme Court halthing DACA document delivery. Plus, there’s an injunction on the third travel ban from Donald Trump. This and more on #InJustice.

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082: New US Tax Bill, Net Neutrality Repeal, Freedom of The Press

In episode 82, we welcome guest host Brandon Ball (@HoustonArrest) to discuss this week’s outlook on the injustice of the world. We take a deep dive into this new tax bill legislation that was passed through the Congress and what this means for Americans. We also breakdown the repeal of Net Neutrality. Plus, Trump is testing the freedom of the press and censoring verbiage. This and more on #InJustice.

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081: Trump Travel Ban In Effect, Texas Voter ID Laws Fixed, Opioid Lawsuits in Full Swing

In episode 81, we welcome back Christopher Demerson (c.demerson09@gmail.com) to discuss this week’s injustice. We look at the Trump Travel Ban that judges are now allowing to move forward and banning travel to Muslim-specific countries. We also dive deep into the Texas Voter ID Laws and truly how “fixed” they are. Plus, Opioid lawsuits are in full swing as the country faces one of the worst drug crisis it’s ever seen. This and more on #InJustice.

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079: Trumps Transgender Ban Blocked, 500K Settlement for Utah Nurse, Manafort and Gates Indicted

In episode 79, we dive back into this week’s injustice! We discuss the Trump transgender ban that has been recently blocked by the federal courts. We also follow up on the Utah nurse that was assaulted by a police officer and has received $500K. Plus, Manafort and Gates have been indicted from Trump’s team with additional indictments expected soon. This and more on #InJustice.

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078: Russia Scandal Unfolds, Prosecutor grateful for ex-cop's conviction, Pence Breaks Banking Rule Tie

In episode 78, we welcome guest host Deshonda Charles Tackkett Esq. of the Tackett Law Firm (www.thetackettfirm.com) to dive into this week’s legal injustices. We discuss a prosecutor who’d grateful that an ex-cop was finally prosecuted for their crimes. We also look at Vice President Mike Pence and his role in tipping the scales regarding the banking regulation rollbacks against consumer protection. Plus, the Russia scandal is under full swing now with Manafort and others being indicted.  This and more on #InJustice.

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075: Running Suspect Fatally Shot, FCC Equal Opportunity Rule, ESPN's Jemele Hill Suspended

In episode 75, we bring you this week’s injustice. We start by discussing the fatal Salt Lake City shooting of a man who was running from police. We also dive into the FCC and their equal opportunity rule that Trump has commented on. Plus, we look at the contractual footing that has gotten Jemele Hill suspended from ESPN due to her twitter posts. This and more on #InJustice.

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074: Mugshot Rights Lawsuit, Atlanta Votes to Decriminalize Weed, Lawyers Concede Guilt Against Client

In episode 74, we dive back into the injustices of today. We take a look at the mugshot website lawsuit concerning photos of previous felons being posted without their consent. We also take a look at Atlanta’s proposal to decriminalize marijuana and follow other progressive cities in the United States. Plus, the Supreme Court will consider the constitutional issue of an attorney conceding guilt against their client. This and more on #InJustice.

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