Kareem Shon


Kareem Shon

Raised on Long Island in New York

First fell in love with Hip Hop while listening to DJ Red Alert on 98.7 Kiss FM late on the radio.

He would soon discover Video Music Box with VJ Ralph McDaniels where the songs he heard would come to life through music videos

"I would hear Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, KRS-1, LL Cool J, Salt & Pepa, Master Ace, and Public Enemy on the radio, and then I would get to see them on tv........that was exciting to me. And with every new song, we got a new video and it seemed like they were always fly and strong. I wanted to be that! I still want that four finger LL ring lol"

Yo MTV Raps would change his life because of the hosts Dr. Dre and Ed Lover.

"That show had everything I needed in one shot! A DJ from Long Island, a dope co host, not only videos, but rappers would come through too"

One night he would accidentally find The Strentch & Bobbito underground radio show.

"That was the third strike right there! They were different and had more freedom to be and say what they wanted. Plus they would bring dope emcees up to freestyle all the time.... their show was just pure Hip Hop"

By day Kareem Shon is the Co Founder of True Digital Media Consulting a full service digital marketing agency in Houston, TX.

"We help small businesses to market their company and grow their online presence through website development, SEO, social media, video and other services. With clients ranging from podcasts to attorneys, as well as partnerships with public relations firms, we maintain relationships locally and nationally."

While on vacation with his wife, he would get a call from Garry Lee Hawkinz offering him the opportunity to achieve his childhood dream. As a 1/3rd of That BoomBAP, Kareem Shon brings years of his experience of living the culture. Growing up students in his school would freestyle and make beats by banging on the lunch tables and beat boxing. Today he sits behind a microphone, lights, and cameras every week, while informing the world of today's greatest musical talents and achievements.

Kareem Shon is a loving husband, father, business owner, traveler, and hip hop head to his core.


- God

- DJ Red Alert

- VJ Ralph McDaniels

- Ed Lover / Dr. Dre

- Marley Marl / Pete Rock

- DJ Kid Capri

- Russell Simons / Rick Rubin

- Sean Combs

- Christopher Wallace

- Sean Carter

- Damon Dash

- Kareem Burke

- Andre Young / Suge Knight

- Andre Young / Jimmy Ivine

- Percy Miller

- James Prince

- Peanut Butter Wolf

- Albert Johnson

- Angie Martinez

- Madd Hatta

- DJ Funk Master Flex

- DJ Clue

- DJ Ron G

- DJ Tony Touch

- DJ Jazzy Jeff

- Rock Steady Crew

- Barry Gordy

- Quincy Jones

- Queen Latifah

- Will Smith

- Nasir Jones

- Karl Kani

- Robert Diggs

- Dennis Cole

Social Media:

Twitter: @ReemBoomBap

Instagram: @kareem.shon