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Layla E.


Layla E. has had an ongoing, passionate love affair with Hip Hop since the 1990's. Back then, everything was so colorful, fun and played the cool pop sounds of MC Hammer, The Fat Boys and most importantly, they graced the atmosphere with the sounds of one of the coolest trios ever; Run DMC. This early exposure fed her new-found love for the genre and opened the doors for the conscious rap of the 90’s, and the not so conscious rap, that came from the ‘dirty’ south and preached of “backing dat ass up” and having "25 lighters on the dresser (yes sir)".

Hip-Hop, being one of the newest musical genres, as well as quite possibly being the most streamed category, has continually evolved. It is because of this evolution, which is now also spurred on by the global community, that Layla’s desire to be involved with hip-hop, on all levels, is a driving force.

On her free time, Layla E enjoys travelling far and wide. Not only to gain a new perspective on culture, but also hip-hop. She is always discovering new talent and encouraging others to engage with these unique artists. Her goal is to bridge the gap in hip-hop internationally and let the world know who Layla E is.


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